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Cosplay Guests 9 Circles and Prodigal Son Industries @ Delta H Con 2017

Prodigal Son Industries

Prodigal Son Industries Image Tyler Thomas is a prop builder, costumer, and cosplayer from Houston Texas. Working as Prodigal Son Industries he has been involved in the cosplay community since late 2013. Tyler found his way to the convention world through the performing arts. It was while finishing up a degree in Theater that Tyler decided to use what he had learned about theatrical props and costumes to seriously pursue cosplay and prop building. The large amount of creative freedom that cosplay allows, compared to the often rigid theater world, is what has kept him inspired and working since graduating in 2013. Tyler, in a collaborative project with his friend 9 Circles Cosplay, took First Place – Best In Show at OniCon XII.
Prodigal Son Industries Facebook

9 Circles Cosplay

9 Circles Image Nikolas Serralta entered the wonderful world of cosplay in 2014 and he has completely fallen in love with the thrill of the build and the opportunities to meet all sorts of interesting people along the way. His chosen field of focus is prop fabrication and weathering which has resulted in a mildly obsessive attention to detail much to his benefit and frustration. Currently his free time is filled with seeking out reference materials, creating blueprints, and causing trouble alongside his friends. He took home his first major award alongside his good friend Tyler from Prodigal Son Industries at Oni-Con 2015 where they won best in show with their Fallout vault suits and props. Since then he has been seeking out more challenging builds and props to bring to life with the intent of sharing his creations to hopefully inspire others to join the cosplay community as well. Don’t be shy come visit him at his booth for pictures, tips, or just to share a nerdy moment or two!

9 Circles Cosplay

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