Delta H Con

Addisyn Madd in Concert

Date(s) - Friday 8/28/2015 3:00 PM - Friday 4:00 PM

Performer Addisyn Madd is a one man army and social wrecking crew tearing his way through the southwest armed with only songs. A man made of rumor and myth, there are no official recordings of his sound or existence; his plague of information has only been spread by word-of-mouth. There have been sightings of Madd across Texas, Oklahoma, San Diego and Kansas, fighting alongside of such sonic soldiers as Professor Elemental, Marquis of Vaudeville, Darwin Prophet, Unwoman and Abney Park. Join Reverend Madd as he jumps through the PresentFuturePast, polarizing moments of truth, fear, courage, love and humanization of the soul.


VENUE: Main Events Hall (300 people)
Address: Ballroom E - H, Westchase Marriott, United States