Delta H Con

Exhibitor Registrations 2022

Date(s) - Friday 8/19/2022 9:30 AM - Sunday 8/21/2022 6:00 PM

Event has started.


All Dealer and Artist slots are SOLD OUT for Delta H Con 2022.

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    Exhibitor Booth

    Dealer Booth 11 x 13 Dealer Booth 14 x 14 Artist Booth 7 x 7
    11-foot x 13-foot booth
    1 6-foot table, draped
    2 chairs
    2 badges per booth
    14-foot x 14-foot booth
    1 6-foot table, draped
    2 chairs
    2 badges per booth
    7-foot x 7-foot booth
    1 6-foot table, draped
    2 chairs
    2 badges per booth

    Exhibitor Hall Layout

    Dealers Rules 2022

    2022 Exhibit Hall Participants

    Company Assigned Table Location
    Tropical Heat MH01 Indie Game Alley
    Ink Rose Inc MH02 Indie Game Alley
    Cloudy Games LLC MH03 Indie Game Alley
    A Flowers Art D504 Vendor Hall
    Kurodesu D507 Vendor Hall
    Anime Connect D405 Vendor Hall
    Blade Daddy D104 Vendor Hall
    Century Artisans D506 Vendor Hall
    Cosplay MooMoo D103 Vendor Hall
    DC Imports D101 Vendor Hall
    Dragon Trading D407-D408 Vendor Hall
    Eat Dirt D508 Vendor Hall
    Enchanted Dream Couture D501 Vendor Hall
    Figma WORLD D403 Vendor Hall
    G.M. Anime D201-D202 Vendor Hall
    Ganbatte Melon D305 Vendor Hall
    Gray Gulf Goods D206 Vendor Hall
    High Five Anime D203, D204, D303, D304 Vendor Hall
    Jade Arts D207-D307 Vendor Hall
    JPUSA Enterprises LLC D106 Vendor Hall
    Kink Bombs LLC D502 Vendor Hall
    Loyal KNG D301-D302 Vendor Hall
    TBD D401 Vendor Hall
    Octokami & SprinkleBat D306 Vendor Hall
    PeanutButterPigs D404 Vendor Hall
    Poindexters Lab D505 Vendor Hall
    Pom Pom Tina D402 Vendor Hall
    Ravenshire Hobby & Distribution LLC D105 Vendor Hall
    Sketch Cartel D102 Vendor Hall
    The Tea Mistress LLC D503 Vendor Hall
    White Lightning Productions D406 Vendor Hall
    Yaminsidrebel D205 Vendor Hall
    Alchemy Art Group A012-A013 Artist Alley
    Apocalyss A101-A201 Artist Alley
    Artsy Ninja A205 Artist Alley
    Azula A213 Artist Alley
    Bad Taco A005 Artist Alley
    Beanpolice Gweneko A114 Artist Alley
    BearyPrince A218 Artist Alley
    Blackberry A La Mode A104 Artist Alley
    Brellian A302 Artist Alley
    Bryan Drawing A206 Artist Alley
    Chancc Art A202 Artist Alley
    Cinamuffins Art A301 Artist Alley
    Cutie Bunni A119 Artist Alley
    Dandilyns Special A103 Artist Alley
    Digital Duckie A307 Artist Alley
    Dmochii A207 Artist Alley
    Glasses Brigade A203 Artist Alley
    Haunted Tatami A106 Artist Alley
    Isamaar Creations A214 Artist Alley
    Jewelians A305 Artist Alley
    Journey Bunny Art A004 Artist Alley
    KoKo Kuma A006-A007 Artist Alley
    KQyogurt A210 Artist Alley
    kriitikaLoaf A109 Artist Alley
    Made By Squeak A105 Artist Alley
    Maeca Art A001-A002 Artist Alley
    Morales Illustrations A209 Artist Alley
    MousuArt A116-A117 Artist Alley
    Navy Fox Studios A108 Artist Alley
    Noodlerooster A306 Artist Alley
    Otter and Fox A308 Artist Alley
    Pikel Shop A304 Artist Alley
    Platitudinous! A303 Artist Alley
    Press A to Talk A014 Artist Alley
    Ray Wood Illustrations A115 Artist Alley
    Rosio Alegria Hana Ichigo A212 Artist Alley
    Saikokoro A211 Artist Alley
    Sakura No Mai A204 Artist Alley
    Shawn Machie A215 Artist Alley
    Shialatier A219 Artist Alley
    Sketchy Neighborhood A110 Artist Alley
    Spiritbrigi Designs A107 Artist Alley
    Spooky Hearted Aitista A120-A220 Artist Alley
    Star Stuff Art and Comic A208 Artist Alley
    Succulent Scribbles A009 Artist Alley
    Suite 68 LLC A102 Artist Alley
    Sushiyama Art A216-A217 Artist Alley
    T Mai Design A113 Artist Alley
    Tradeship Odessa A011 Artist Alley
    Twisted Lines A010 Artist Alley
    UnipenguinArts A008 Artist Alley
    Vexingly Yours A003 Artist Alley
    Victoria Rivero Art A118 Artist Alley
    Zyephshop A111-A112 Artist Alley

    Ad Size Safety Bleed Live Area
    A. Full Page  .25 minimum .125 minimum  8 X 10
    B. Half Page – Horizontal .25 minimum .125 minimum  8 X 5
    C. Half Page – Vertical  .25 minimum .125 minimum  4.25 X 10

    Please submit your ad in PDF/X1a format only. Please submit a proof as well (.jpg/.png/.gif can be submitted as proof in lieu of mail). If no proof is submitted we cannot be responsible for accuracy of your ad(s) on press.
    All Ads need to be received no later then July 15th, 2022
    Upload your art here.

    Date Dealers Hall Hours Artist Alley Hours
    August 18 Thursday Setup Only noon to 10pm Setup Only 2pm to 10pm
    August 19 Friday Open 10am  – 7pm Open 9:30am – 8pm
    August 20 Saturday VIP 10am General 10:30am – 7pm VIP 9:30am General 10am – 8pm
    August 21 Sunday VIP 10am General 10:30am – 6pm Breakdown 6pm – 10pm VIP 9:30am General 10am – 6pm Breakdown 6pm – 10pm

    Convention Refund Policy

    Cancellation Deadline:
    Cancellations and refunds can be given out with written notice only. We accept postal mail and e-mail notifications. Refunds will be percentage based given the time the notification is received.
    Greater then 90 days: 100% refund
    Between 90 and 31 days: 50% refund
    30 days or less: No refund


    VENUE: Marriott Westchase
    Address: 2900 Briarpark, Houston, Texas, 77042, United States

    Delta H Con is proud to partner with the Houston Marriott Westchase to offer attendees a wide variety of discounted hotel rooms for this years convention. At 12 noon Eastern time, September 1, 2022 (“opening day”) housing registration will open for the current convention.
    Delta H Con 2023 room night rate of $99 USD/night plus tax

    Click this link below to reserve your hotel room at a Delta H Con Group price!

    Last day to book: 6/17/2023

    The Houston Marriott Westchase is located in the rapidly growing Westchase Business District of West Houston.

    Each of our 600 recently renovated guest rooms, including 64 suites, are spacious, elegant and offer wireless high-speed internet connections.

    The hotel is located just minutes from the Uptown/Galleria Area and the I-10 Energy Corridor in West Houston.

    Our hotel is also conveniently located near the West Sam Houston Tollway allowing 30 minute easy access to both Intercontinental and Hobby Airports.


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