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Killer Instinct Tournament

Date(s) - Saturday 8/29/2015 5:00 PM - Saturday 7:00 PM

Event has started.


Matches will be set to 3 outs, 7 Minute Timer, and items turned off.
Rounds will consist of best of 3 Matches, Semi Finals and Finals will be best of 5 Matches.
Characters played may not be repeated across rounds.
Basic game characters are allowed within the tournament, no save files, unlock codes, etc will be allowed.
Stalling is not allowed
No cheating! – This includes but is not limited too abuse of game bugs, abuse of hardware bugs, cheat codes, hacked or modified controllers that give the player an advantage, use of features on a controller that provides advantage over a player using a standard controller (Such as Turbo)

No Physical Contact- Beat your opponent in the game not in real life

Controllers – There will be controllers provided by the organizers. However you are allowed to bring and use your own controllers, allowed examples include arcade sticks for fighting games, Your own pimped out Instrument controllers for the Battle of the Bands, the MadCatz FightPad.

1v1 tournament with double elimination.
Cash Prizes for first place.


VENUE: Electronic Games
Address: Grand Ballroom A-C, Westchase Marriott, United States