Delta H Con

Lolita Afternoon Tea Party

Date(s) - Sunday 7/16/2017 1:30 PM - Sunday 4:00 PM

Event has started.


A limited number of tickets are available to attend our Lolita Afternoon Tea Party in the Rose Garden.

Event dress and conduct is specifically designed to create the most fancifully elegant event possible. Please read all event instructions before making a ticket purchase.

Sunday at one thirty ticket holders may attend the Lolita Afternoon Tea Party in the Rose Garden. Please arrive by one for seating and wear your finest gothic and lolita fashions or formal attire. No cosplay is permitted for this event.

In order to provide a perfectly elegant atmosphere and experience for all guests, our fashionable hostesses have established a strict dress code. If you purchase tickets to this special event it is assumed you fully agree to all ticketing policy, conduct and dress guidelines. Only 2017 Delta H Con registered members may purchase tickets. Please read the full guidelines before making your purchase. Tickets are $15.00.

Ticketing and admission policy
All tickets are non-refundable.
Tickets may be used for only one purchaser and are not transferable.
Each ticket sold will have a unique number and must be presented for the event. Delta H Con is not responsible for lost tickets, so please treat them like the treasure they are.
Policies for the Tea Party may be subject to change as needed.

General Conduct
Due to the limited space and liability involved, no dolls will not be allowed at the main event.
Cell phones, PDA’s and other communication devices should be set to ‘silent.’ If you must communicate using your device, please excuse yourself from the party.
Solicitations are strictly prohibited at this event. This includes any fliers, coupons, calling cards, etc.
Outside food and drink is strictly prohibited from the events.

Event Dress
Gothic and lolita attire are not required but is highly encouraged. Black or white tie formal wear are acceptable, as well as formal military, fire, or law enforcement wear are also acceptable with supporting credentials.

Cosplay – This is not a cosplay event. All cosplay ensembles are inappropriate. Examples include but are not limited to:

Purposely replicating anime characters and their respective outfits.
Purposely replicating brand themed coordinates (such as those in their advertising and print campaigns) in a cosplay-like style or manner.
Mana cosplay.
Chii ears, Naruto headbands or cosplay wings, etc.
Cosplay related props and/or weapons.

Anyone wearing a cosplay outfit will be asked to change or leave the event. If you are unsure what constitutes as cosplay, please email questions to [email protected]

Included Menu:

Assortment of Tea Sandwiches:
Strawberry and Cream Sandwich
Cucumber and Dill sandwich
Cream Cheese and Dill sandwich
Water Cress Sandwich (with butter)

Sweets to include:
Chocolate Biscotti
Jamaretti Cookies
Jam Tarts

Tea Service to include choice of:
Earl Gray, Camomile, Mint, and Assam

Your tickets will be available for pick up at the main Delta H Con Registration Booth outside of main events.


VENUE: Rose Garden (Specials)
Address: Rose Garden, Westchase Marriott, United States