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Photo 101: Taking Better Cosplay Photos on a Budget

Date(s) - Saturday 8/29/2015 10:00 AM - Saturday 11:00 AM

Do you spot an awesome cosplayer at a con, take a photo, go home, load it up on your computer… But it’s just so blah, even though they were AWESOME? Too dark, too blurry, boring or ugly background? Do all of your photos kind of look the same? If you want to take better photos, of yourself and your friends, or just around a convention of other people, this is the panel for you!

Topics to be covered:
– Basics of digital photography (light and composition in the frame, how to hold a camera to reduce shake, tripods, remote triggers)
– Point and shoot cameras vs DSLR/mirrorless cameras
– Finding good locations at conventions
– Avoiding the dreaded “convention center/hotel hallway mugshot” look
– Knowing your characters (ask questions if you aren’t sure!)
– Characters interacting with the camera
– Characters interacting with each other
– Bringing generic props with you
– Processing your photos (jpgs vs raws, do you need lightroom?)


VENUE: Panel Room 1
Address: Briarpark, Westchase Marriott, United States