Warzone Houston: Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament

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Delta H Con 2017
Date(s) - Friday 7/14/2017 10:00 AM - Sunday 7/16/2017 8:00 PM



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1. Warhammer 40,000 Tournament, will be held on July 15th and 16th at Delta H Con in Houston, Texas. Delta H Con is being held at the Marriott Westchase (2900 Briarpark, Houston, Texas, 77042).

2.Tickets for the Convention are $30.00 for a 3-day pass. There is an additional charge of $25.00 for the Tournament.

3. Up to date information, full rules, downloads, faqs found at our Facebook page for full rules, faqs and up to date information under the Files tab Facebook Event Page

4. This will be an ITC scoring event.

Warzone Houston Warhammer 40,000 GT PRIMER

Date: July 14th – July 16th
Points: 2,000
Army Composition: Matched Play; Up to 3 Detachments; Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition
Allowed Factions: All Games Workshop and Forge World Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Faction Books
Matched Play Special Rules: Army Faction, Reinforcement Points, Psychic Focus, Strategic Discipline and Tactical Reserves, Command Points, Sudden Death
Scenarios: TBA *
Scenarios: ITC Format for scenario scoring
Appearance: Judges scoring (Includes but not limited to: Clean painting, washing, dry brushing, wet blending, unit markings, construction, conversions, etc.)
Sportsmanship: Thumbs up or Thumbs down + your favorite player
Best Overall: Highest Scenario Score + Highest Appearance Score + Highest Thumbs Up
Best Appearance: Highest Judges Score (Display boards do not factor in to this score)
– Tie breaker Horus Heresy Judge(s)
Best Sportsmanship: Highest Thumbs Up + Highest Favorite Player
– Tie breaker Appearance Score then Scenario Score
Best General: Highest Scenario Score
– Tie breaker Sportsmanship Score then Appearance Score
Special Award: +++Secret+++
– +++Secret+++
Best Imperial Faction: Highest Scenario Score + Highest Appearance Score + Highest Thumbs Up
Best Chaos Faction: Highest Scenario Score + Highest Appearance Score + Highest Thumbs Up
Best Xenos Faction: Highest Scenario Score + Highest Appearance Score + Highest Thumbs Up

Note: Players Cannot Win More Than One Award
July 14th: TBA **, Open Gaming
July 15th: TBA **, Tournament Day One
July 16th: TBA **, Tournament Day Two, Awards Ceremony

Awards: For Best Categories
Product: For Best Categories; Random Drawings
Swag Bag: Includes a number of freebies for all participants ***

Bring your RULEBOOK! New edition, there will be problems, so bring it, pack it now…NOW!
Bring (3) Printed Copies of your Army List. (1) for You, (1) for Your Opponent, (1) for the Judges.
Bring your Faction Book(s)! See Above!
Bring your Tape Measure, Dice, Objective(s), Objective Cards!
Bring extra Tape Measure and Dice in case you lose them or throw them away in disgust!
Bring Deodorant for yourself! Please be respectful of those around you and use proper hygiene techniques such as but not limited to shower, use of deodorant, clean clothes, foot powder, breath mints. All kidding aside, these things help promote a fantastic community if we want to continue to grow it.
Bring Snacks! You know that you will have the munchies so bring something filling and that will give you prolonged energy. Candy Bars are great but after 45 minutes you are hungry again and crashing from the sugar rush. Healthy (ish) eating will help you throughout the day and keep your mind sharp so you can crush your enemies (in a very sportsman like manner).
Check your Rulebook first. If you cannot find it or agree on the rule then contact the Judge. Don’t fight, don’t threaten or give up, just try to find resolution through the rulebook(s) and then Judge(s).
See all above reminders, seriously read them again!
* Scenarios are under construction and will not be revealed until game day
** Schedule of Events is under construction due to the adjustments that come with 8th edition. Expect approximately 2 hours 15 minutes per scenario with approximately 15 minutes between rounds to move tables, take a break, etc.
*** Swag Bag freebies continues to grow, so we are not listing all items currently


VENUE: Offline Games
Grand Ballroom A-C, Westchase Marriott, United States Map Unavailable

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