Ashe Malkamäki

Lolita Ambassador

Ashe Malkamäki

is a Finnish-American Lolita and cosplayer currently living in the general Houston area. He has been into Japanese fashion for over four years and has been into Japanese culture for eight years. Ashe is currently the host of the Fashion Show as well as the Lolita Tea Party and the general manager of J-Fashion events. He hopes you have a wonderful time at Delta H Con!

Lovely Lolitas

Lolita Fashion Show

“Cyber Space” J-fashion Show

Delta H Con’s Third J-Fashion show. This year, the fashion show will explore Cosmic Prints, Victorian steampunk inspired accessories and prints. We hope you will attend this free event.

Lolita Afternoon Tea Party

Enjoy the Lolita Tea Party with a brand new twist! Our lovely Maids will be dressed in Lolita to server you this fine afternoon and with each Maid comes an interesting character trait. Dress to impress for this occasion! Sign up for you Spot of Tea today!

Frills, Coordination, and Accessories, Oh My! J-fashion 101

Have you ever wanted to get involved in the creative, colorful, and unique world of Japanese street fashion, but struggle to find useful information about different styles or which one is right for you? Do you worry about feeling too self-conscious to wear the outfits you love? Do you have problems finding clothing and accessories, or just getting them to look good together? Well, then this is the panel for you!

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