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We are happy to announce that Cosplay Guest RumplestiltSeam will be appearing at #DeltaHCon June 30th to July 2nd at @MarriottHoustonWestchase

RumplestiltSeam Cosplay

(They/Them) is a Craftsmanship oriented cosplayer that has been cosplaying in the Texas Cosplay Community and abroad for a decade. They like to focus on balancing performance and craftsmanship to bring their work to life and tell a story. They use their strongest skill, needlework and fabric manipulation to bring all kinds of characters to life from many genres including Video Games, Manga/Anime, Comicbooks, Pop Culture and Original Designs and Artwork.
Social Media
Facebook: RumpleandCatcosplay
Instagram: rumplestilt_seam
Twitter: Rumplestilt_seam

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Cosplay Competition 101
Gold Pass Mixer – Gold Badge Required

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Cosplay Guest Ask Me Anyting PG-14

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Cosplay Corset Basics
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How Guests Work at Delta H Con

Kadiaa Cosplay @ Delta H Con 2017

Kadiaa Cosplay

Kadiaa is a Houston-based cosplayer that has been crafting cosplays since 2013. She is greatly looking forward to seeing the talented cosplayers that enter this year’s competition at Delta-H Con.

She draws inspiration from anime, video games, and the works of the Japanese illustrator Sakizo. She has had the honor of receiving a wide variety of awards in the Texas cosplay community, including First Place Masters Division at Anime Matsuri and Best in Show at Japanfest. Her specialties include armor, props, resin-casting, and crafting large sets of wings.

Her favorite part of the crafting process is to take a 2D design and bring it to life in the 3D realm through love, sweat, and tears. She enjoys sharing her crafting knowledge with other cosplayers and encourages everyone to follow their cosplay dreams to create something amazing that they can take pride in.

Lady Kate

Lady Kate Cosplay @DeltaHCon

Lady Kate

began cosplaying in 2013. Attending pop culture and anime conventions throughout the south. Since then she has been to more then twenty conventions and made guest appearances at two of them. She has built over thirty costumes and has been a featured cosplayer in several web articles and magazines. She has served as an ambassador for the “Body Positive” and “Cosplay is Not Consent” campaigns. Her focus is to inspire others to make their own dreams reality.

Announcing Cosplay Guest Cinder

Cinder as Blake image
Cinder as Blake


cosplay is a passionate and dorky cosplayer originally form the Midwest. She starting cosplay in 2010 and has strived to improve her crafting skills, in hope to inspire others to sew. Cinder has cosplayed characters from Disney, anime and video games, always striving to replicate the costume as close as she can. She hopes to give back to the community and help make it positive and supportive.
Follow Cinder on Facebook @cinderCosplay

Announcing Cosplay Guest Eryn Soliz

Eryn Soliz

is a Texas cosplayer who fell in love with the industry when she was first introduced to it in 2013. She proudly creates all of her characters using a combination of sewing and makeup skills. Eryn is also the creator of the E-Box, a compact emergency repair kit geared toward cosplay. Along with selling these kits, she also provides Cosplay Triage at her booth, offering simple repairs right on the convention floor. Eryn loves meeting people and admiring their cosplay, so be sure to stop by for a chat!
Follow Eryn on facebook at ErynSolizCosplay