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For the Special Cafe:

On Site ticket purchases must be made at registration or the Free Time Cafe prior to closing.

Online ticket purchases can be made here:       Friday Session    |   Saturday Session

Please present your receipt of purchase at the door at opening.


“Welcome home, Master!”



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Perhaps the most important thing for a cosplay event is the location. Organizers generally don’t usually have problems regarding the level of participation and exhibitors, since the anime, manga, and video game industries are huge in the U.S.

When people cosplay, they want to internalize and mirror their favorite characters as much as possible through their outfits. As such, cosplayers spend hundreds of hours designing and making their costumes, and a few hundreds more to outline and practice their make-up. When cosplayers are restricted to the things they can wear, put on their face, and hold in their hands during cons, they get upset. And this is exactly what happens in cosplay events held at casinos.

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Who is GeekStreetSociety you ask?  Well listen and they will tell you about themselves in their video! link https://youtu.be/_TBzPVLgRGs

Like what you see? Find out more here all our links spreaker.com/geekstreetsociety, www.geekstreetsociety.com, youtube.com/geekstreetsociety
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It is with great pleasure that I introduce the hosts of this years Ouran Host Club. Join them in three special sessions on Saturday August 29 at Delta H Con for cakes, tea and special Host action.

Buy Tickets HERE.

Find them on facebook TexasOuranHostClub

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Come immerse yourself in our undersea world for an enchanting evening filled with friends, food and the crowing moment when you choose the king and queen of the ball!

Delta H Formal dress code applies. Find event details here.

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Be part of our first ever Lolita Tea Party.  Tickets here.

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Gerard’s Gaming and Delta H Con need to make a correction to its PPTQ information that is being held at Delta H Con August 29th 2015 at Houston Marriott Westchase, 2900 Briarpark Dr, Houston, TX 77042. The Main event will be a Standard Format Tournament. Prize payouts will be followed by wizards standards.

Get your ticket today $25 for the PPTQ

Event Ticket Link


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Contest, Event New, Featured, Gaming

Epic Tournament of Legends bring your best game to the field and battle hard!

Bring your team or pug it.  $10 entrance Tickets available online or at the door. Buy your pass here!

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Samurai Titans is a fully interactive LARPing company founded in 2013 focused mainly on individual combat.

We started as a group of people seeking to better ourselves as martial artists, and our collective attitude reflects that. Our goal is to teach others how to be their own heroes, build their confidence, and test their skills.

Among our teachers is Hioshi Jackson, an international cosplay fighter and black belt in five martial arts, and army combat veteran Devan Endert. As a team, they were the reigning 2v2 tournament champions from 2010 to 2013, and since have dedicated their time to improving the skills of others. Welcome to Samurai Titans.

Competitive LARPing


  • No wood, metal, or PVC cores are allowed in the Titans ring for safety reasons.
  • Acceptable materials include carbon-fiber or bamboo cores.
  • Any weapon size or shape is acceptable as long as it passes the safety checks of the Titans officials.


Matches in the Titans ring are point-based, focused on individual skill in combat.  Competitors either come in by themselves or in teams of two.


  • Points are earned by hitting the opponent in a viable area enough times to “kill” them – either by taking both of their arms or hitting them once in the torso (from just below the collarbone to the crotch, and from the base of the neck to the rear end).
  • Legs are also viable targets, although participants may “lose” both of their legs and still fight.  If a leg is lost, participants may kneel either with their “dead” leg in front of them as a shield and stay in one place, or put their “live” leg in front and move around.  If both legs are lost, pivoting on the knees is allowed but moving around is not.
  • Head/neck shots are illegal, and participants will be disqualified if they purposely hit their opponent on the head or neck three times or more.
  • If participants are hit on the wrist or hand while it is on their weapon, it will not count.  The same is true for the ankle or foot while the foot is on the ground.  If the hand is off the weapon or the foot is off the ground, both are viable targets.
  • Matches are won by the first participant or team to reach three points.


  • Participants must compete with swords only – single or dual-wielding is allowed.
  • Matches are won by the first participant to reach two points.

To find out more about these Titans visit them online http://samuraititans.org/  or on Facebook Samurai-Titans

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Play Magic? Going Pro? Start your journey here!

Get your ticket today $40 for the PPTQ (included entrance to Delta H Con for 3 days)

Buy Ticket HERE!

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