Not Consent Print 8We the staff and owners of Delta H Con stand beside our fans and the extended convention community against harassment and abuse. We go to great lengths to keep attendees safe by posting “Cosplay is not Consent” signage and setting up Safe Haven points throughout the event. We encourage reporting of any and all incidents at Con to ANY staff member so they can be dealt with immediately. We do not tolerate this abhorrent behavior and perpetrators will be removed.

Delta H Con is a welcoming family friendly event.

Addisyn MaddAddisyn Madd is a one man army and social wrecking crew tearing his way through the southwest armed with only songs. A man made of rumor & myth, his plague of information has only been spread by word of mouth.There been sightings of Madd across Texas, Oklahoma, San Diego & Kansas. Fighting along side of such sonic soliders as Professor elemental, Marquis Of Vuadeville, Darwin Prophet, Unwoman and Abney Park! Join Reverend Madd as he jumps through the PresentFuturePast, polarizing moments of truth, fear, courage, love and humanization of the soul.


Airship NikolaiAirship Nikolai is proud to be back at Delta H con for a 5th year in a row! Airship Nikolai is a group of artists, artisans, and entertainers who have been brought together through the love of Steampunk. They have been working together in one facet or another for eight years and have traveled throughout the central and southern United States as entertainers, artisans, and steampunk guests for the past five. Though, they have had their share of bumps and bruises along the way– their motto has and always will be “No matter the obstacle– full steam ahead!”. Check them out on facebook

NerdcoreComedy Mike Suarez
Michael is a South Texas native that started an annual A-Kon Nerdcore show to prove Nerdcore Comedy is more than memes and cats. Michael regularly performs clubs and showcases across Texas. He is an organizer of the Nerdcore Comedy Show, which showcases local talent at media conventions and private events across the country. He is currently working on his Suarosaur Youtube Channel.
twitter and instagram @MikeVSuarez  web


Alex Ansel
Within a year of Circuit City Closing down, Alex Ansel went from selling TV’s to being on TV. A Lifelong clown, Born in Texas just to spend the first 10 years of his life in Germany. He then spent his adolescence in various air conditioned buildings perfecting his videogame high scores. A Nerd of Texas size proportions, it was in Middle School where he was christened with the Nickname KOOLAID. Figuring there were worse nicknames to get, he stuck with it ever since. Alex’s appeal is wider than most, He’s a White Dude from a Hispanic City, that dresses like rapper, has 2 Dads that are married….to each other and family in the Military. It is all these experiences that Alex aka KOOLAID draws from and helped him win his first Comedy Competition in 2010 with the Title “Funniest Person in South Texas”. He is the youngest comedian to have won the Title. Alex has appeared on CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates in his hometown of San Antonio. Recently Alex has performed at the Boston Comedy Festival and won RAWartists “Performer of the Year” in San Antonio. What does Alex want to accomplish throughout all this? To live up to his namesake of KOOLAID by putting smiles on faces and getting people to say “Oh Yeah”.
twitter and instagram @y2koolaid web fb /ComedianAlexAnsel

Kira Kira EntertainmentThe wonderful maids and butlers of Kira Kira Entertainment will be hosting this years Delta H Con Maid Cafe. Come visit and enjoy Japanese snacks, cute dances, fun games, and much more!

Steamship Intrepid

Steamship Intrepid

Steampunk isn’t always about airships; nor is it always sunny skies. Steam Engine Intrepid is a ‘dark’ steampunk group out of Galveston. Founded by the Dark professor and Alexander Bishop the Intrepid is on course to bring order to the multiverses. Come join the Intrepid and her crew as we give a professional twist to the other side of the modern Victorian era.

After Midnight

After Midnight

After Midnight is a traveling “shadow” cast based out of Houston,Texas. With a dedicated and versatile troupe of players they perform a variety of musical shows all over the United States. Some of the shows they perform include : “Repo ! the Genetic Opera”,”The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, and “Dr. Horrible”. Always making sure to leave the crowd wanting more, this is one cast you don’t want to

Hioshi Hioshi Jackson has been cosplaying since late 2014 and became a professional cosplay model in January 2015, gaining sponsorship from TitinTech compression gear three months later. His first and perhaps most distinguished cosplay, Officer Vi from League of Legends, was recognized by the character’s creator and Riot Games, and after meeting Monty Oum, he became the inspiration for the character of Fox in RWBY. Since then, Hioshi has specialized in armor and prop construction, including Officer Caitlyn’s gun, DJ Sona’s etwahl, Kamui Senketsu, Kamui Junketsu, and Iron Man Mark 6. He has also created Neon Strike Vi’s gauntlets, Garnet’s gauntlets from Steven Universe, the scissor blades from Kill La Kill, and Coco’s minigun from RWBY. Hioshi has gone on to attend around twenty cons per year, including guest appearances at Dallas Comic Con, Anime Matsuri, Bara No Toshi Ikkicon, A-Kon, and San Japan. His focus and drive carries over in his role as co-owner of Samurai Titans, a small competitive foam fighting business designed to promote fitness, confidence and friendship through combat and creative expression in the cosplay community. His ultimate goal is to be a role model for anyone seeking to improve themselves or their own lives and to encourage others to be their own heroes.

Otaku Acoustic may have been rocking the microphone for only a few years, but in that short time they have made quite an impression on the nerd world. Otaku Acoustic is a subculture music cover band that performs renditions of other types of geeky music. In the world of anime, Otaku Acoustic got their first performance at the Rainbow Tea House. From there, they went on to raise the roof at conventions such as A-kon 25, AnimeFest 2014, San Japan 7, Oni-Con XI, and IKKiCON 2015 to name a handful. Their lead singer recently returned from a singing competition in Japan, Nodojiman: The World. Their sound makes sure to get anyone pumped, even if they are just passing by. In fact just do it: Google them! As far as down time is concerned, there isn’t much. When they aren’t working on new anime songs, Otaku Acoustic does work on comic book, Vocaloid, and Saturday Morning Cartoon songs. When they aren’t cooking up a new rendition, each member of the band goes about work, school, and family through the use of their alter egos (which we will not disclose).

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