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Cosplay Contest

General Rules

These rules apply to all participants of the Delta H Con Cosplay Contest, whether you are performing a walk-on or a skit.

  • Keep your words, actions, and gestures to PG-13 max. Delta H Con is a family-friendly event and we DO have young children who attend and watch, so please mind yourself.
  • NO profanity.
  • NO complete nudity. All private parts must be covered.
  • If at any point your performance is deemed inappropriate, the lights/sound will be cut and you will be removed from the stage. If this happens you will be disqualified from all judging.
  • No live/real steel weapons or working/real guns. See our weapons policy.
  • No props that have projectiles that will fire into the audience. If it is part of your skit and you must fire it, it needs to stay on stage.
  • No throwing anything or running into the audience during your performance.
  • Anything that goes on stage with you must come off the stage with you.

Walk-On Rules

A cosplay contest walk-on is where a cosplayer walks onto the stage and has their moment to shine and show off their costume for a bit. You do not perform a skit or anything, just walk on and let the audience see you. You want to try to dazzle the audience and judges with your cosplay and your ability to “be in character”. Presentation is everything, so show your cosplay off as best as you can!

Walk-On time limit is 30 seconds.

You will not get a mic or be able to provide your own custom audio/music.

Groups of no more than 5 people will be allowed to do walk-ons as one entry (provide everyone’s name on the sign-up sheet).

Skit Rules

Skit must not be more than 5 minutes.

Please provide your audio BEFORE the cosplay contest begins.

Cosplays worn by each member in the skit may be either made or bought. But only made costumes will be eligible for Craftsmanship award if you choose to be judged for that. (See “Craftsmanship Judging”). At least 50% of the costume must be made by members in the skit group. Meaning, not every person’s costume must be 50% made, but everyone as a whole.

Craftsmanship Judging

Craftsmanship Judging is optional.

You will be judged on the craftsmanship of your cosplay.

If your cosplay does not meet the requirements of the Craftsmanship Judging below, you will be disqualified from Craftsmanship Judging and won’t be eligible for the Best Craftsmanship award. You will still be eligible for the other awards and may still participate in the cosplay contest.

Craftsmanship Judging Criteria:

– Your costume must be at least 50% handmade by you or someone present in your group.

Editing of regular clothing is allowed, as long as the costume as a whole is over 50% constructed by hand (or sewing machine or whatever). If a family member helped you with your costume, that’s okay as long as more than 50% of your whole costume is made.

– Bought cosplays are not allowed for the Craftsmanship award.

– You must show up for pre-judging, done an hour or so before the cosplay contest (official time will be posted later), so the judges can take a look at your costume and craftsmanship. If you do not show up for pre-judging, you will be disqualified for the Craftsmanship award (but will still be able to participate in the cosplay contest).

Feel free to bring reference pictures to show the judges during your pre-judging. Not everyone has seen everything, so bringing pictures of what you are cosplaying and/or trying to represent will help the judges have a better understanding of your costume. Progress photos of how you made your costume is welcome too.

During pre-judging, you will have about 5-10 minutes in front of the judges to show off and explain your costume. Feel free to use all that time or less.


    • Best in Show

Trophy, $50 Jo-Ann’s GC, $50 Home Depot GC, $50 Lowes GC

    • Best Craftsmanship

Trophy, $25 Jo-Ann’s GC, $25 Home Depot GC, $25 Lowes GC

    • People’s Choice

Trophy, $15 Jo-Ann’s GC, $15 Home Depot GC, $15 Lowes GC

    • Best Skit

Trophy, 2x $10 Jo-Ann’s GC, 2x $10 Home Depot GC, 2x $10 Lowes GC


  • Judges’s Awards

Online signup available through Noon June 26th. On Site signups available Noon June 30th thru noon July 1st. Please see registration or the cosplay desk for on site signups. Contest starts July 1st at 4pm.

    Delta H Con 2023
    Cosplay Contest Sign-Up Form

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    Type (Required):
    Solo or group allowed for both walk-on and skit. Provide all names of members in your group.

    Max 5 people allowed in a group. Alias name is the name that will be announced on stage. If no alias name is provided, the first name will be said. Group name is only for groups.

    List your Name, Alias Name, Character/Series (Required)

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    Craftsmanship Judging: YesNo (Required)

    *Must fulfill all requirements to be eligible for Craftsmanship Judging (see rules). Failure to meet with the judges at prejudging time before the Cosplay Contest will disqualify you from Craftsmanship Judging.

    ****************The Below is for Craftsmanship Information *****************
    Costume(s) Created By:
    Years Cosplaying:
    How long did your costume take you to create?
    Anything special about the costume or its creation that you would like the judges to know? Something you are particularly proud of or you find took a lot of creativity to figure out?

    Exceptions or special requests can always be made, depending on what it is. Please ask Cosplay Contest Coordinator, Kris Vanderwege to see if your exception or request will be accepted and/or if you have any other questions.