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Ithileryn Delta H Con 2022 Guest Announcement


We are happy to announce that Cosplay Guest IthilerynCosplay will be appearing at #DeltaHCon August 19th through the 21st at MarriottHoustonWestchase .


is an award winning and published cosplayer from Denton, Texas. Since the beginning of her cosplay career in 2017, she has become a self-taught seamstress and photographer, and has hand-made, tailored, and modeled dozens of costumes. Although she is well known for her portrayals of Jinx from League of Legends/Arcane, Elizabeth Comstock from BioShock, and Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, she has popular cosplays from a variety of sources, including anime, film, television, cartoons, comics, and video games. She has been featured on the cover of multiple magazines, including Cosplay Realm Magazine and Creative Cosplay Magazine, and often appears on popular web journals such as Kotaku and Dexerto. She also has experience being a panelist and cosplay judge at multiple conventions, such as NishiFest, Weebcon, and Greater Austin Comicon. Her enthusiasm for cosplay is channeled into embodying characters and their expressions, as well as dedication to screen accuracy.
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Instagram: Ithileryn
TikTok: Ithileryn
Facebook: IthilerynCosplay
Twitter: Ithileryn
Twitch: Ithileryn
YouTube: Ithileryn

Delta H Con 2022 Panels and Autographs


Ithileryn Cosplay – Guest Table Appearance 1 9:30-11AM
Opening Ceremonies 11AM-12PM
Ithileryn Cosplay – Guest Table Appearance 2 1-1:30PM
Cosplay Makeup 101! – Ithileryn 2-3PM
Cosplay Self-Photography & Set Building / Modeling – Ithileryn 4-5PM
Ithileryn Cosplay – Guest Table Appearance 3 5-6:30PM
Content Creation – Ithileryn 7-8PM
Gold Pass Mixer – VIP Badge Required 9-10:30PM

Ithileryn Cosplay – Guest Table Appearance 4 10:30AM-3PM
Cosplay Contest – PreJudging 4-6PM
Cosplay Contest Judge 6-8PM

Ithileryn Cosplay – Guest Table Appearance 5 10:30AM-2:30PM
Wig Styling 101 – Ithileryn 3-4PM
Ithileryn Cosplay – Guest Table Appearance 6 4:15-5PM
Closing Ceremonies 5-6:30PM

How Guests Work at Delta H Con

News Release 4/19/2021

Hello family,

It has been some time since we’ve written to you and even longer since we’ve seen each other. Just last month we were set to announce guests and post our kick off message for the 2021 convention when we, like you, heard Comicpalooza was moving from May to the same weekend as Delta H, July 16-18, 2021. So we put our kick off on hold as we explored options for possibly moving Delta H. We found our hotel didn’t have any available dates that wouldn’t have put us moving to weekends already taken by other anime groups. Some run by folks we know and work closely with. We are choosing to keep the July 16-18, 2021 weekend so we don’t put our friends in the same unenviable position as we find ourselves in. We understand being on the same weekend as Comicpalooza will have some of you facing the choice of join us or roam around CP. We certainly hope you will join us as our 3 day weekend pass costs less than a single day at CP but we totally understand and love you no matter which you chose to attend.
Today we are restarting our kick off for Delta H Con July 16-18, 2021! Let the fun for Delta H Con-tagion begin! We look forward to seeing your awesome quarantine creations at the cosplay contest, the Zombie Prom, or just shambling down the hall!
For your safety we, like many other businesses in the city, have made the Houston Clean Pledge. In conjunction with the Houston Westchase Marriott we have added cleaning procedures to our event space. We are also reducing the total number of panel rooms so we can expand their size while reducing the number of people they seat to allow for social distancing. Masks will also be required. We are following current CDC guidance and keeping track of local COVID-19 levels. We have more details on our website.

If you already have a pass for Delta H 2021 and can’t attend we will be happy to roll them to 2022 which is happening July 15-17, 2022.

Local Cosplay Spotlight Update

Delta H would like to apologize to the Houston Cosplay community for the recent Local Cosplay Spotlight failure. I, Sarah Skrobarczyk, would like to personally apologize. I am really sorry that I and my team failed to present clear rules and guidelines for the contest and failed in our responsibility to make sure the entrants followed the rules. Historically when we went looking for cosplay guests we strove to bring in local Texas talent to boost the cosplay scene in Texas. We failed to realize Local would be interpenetrated as only Houston by some when we set out the rules. We will clarify as this program is and always has been open to Texas based cosplayers.

We have been asked to open the 2017 submissions back up so that folks who did not apply because they thought the rules disallowed them could apply. We would love to but we cannot due to time constraints.

We would like to thank Hybrid Cosplay for their gracious handling of this and for bowing out of the contest when the rules were explained to them. A credit to their character.

We would like to thank contest participant, Lauren Atencio for letting us know about these issues.

Due to the small percentage of votes received before Hybrid Cosplay bowed out of the contest we feel leaving the current votes is more fair to the remaining finalists than starting over.

Scouting for Local Cosplay Talent

Do You Cosplay? Do you know someone whose cosplay makes you Squee? Delta H Con is looking for local cosplayers to participate in our

Local Cosplay Spotlight Program

Delta H Con always strives to help the community. This year we are bringing to light a program we have nurtured in spirit since our inception 10 years ago. Bringing in local cosplay guests with phenomenal talent, helps us to celebrate the wonderful gems hiding in our very midst.

So without further adieu we debut our “Local Spotlight” program. We believe every cosplayer deserves the attention of the community. The Local Spotlight program is for cosplayers who have never held the status of “guest” at an event before, who are looking to get their names out there. If you are interested in taking your cosplays to the next level we invite you to fill out this short questionnaire for a chance to be our Local Spotlight Guest and be on the flip side of the judges table!

The Local Spotlight winner will get to be a judge for the cosplay contest, be featured on our website for a year, social media mentions, and get free passes to our event! Let’s work together to build the cosplay community to new heights.

*Must be 18 or older to participate

Sign up online deltahcon.com/local-spotlight

Delta H Con 2017

We’re thrilled to announce Delta H Con 2017: Goblins and Monsters, where we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary of bringing anime and gaming to Houston! This year’s theme is “Goblins and Monsters,” and we’re focusing on bringing in celebrity talent that has created some of the best villain voices and brought to life the darker side of the shows we love, because after all, what is a HERO without a VILLAIN?
Delta H Convention will happen July 14-16, 2017 at the Marriott Westchase, 2900 Briarpark Drive, Houston, Texas 77042. The doors open at 10am on Friday and will have continuous events and activities until Sunday at 6pm. We have over 50,000 square feet of activities, vendors, and room to hang out and chill with your friends. We have an awesome room rate at the hotel for those of you looking to get some sleep or needing a place to swap out costumes, because who can choose just one?
We’ll kick off Friday with Steampunk- focused events, climaxing with our two fashion shows, the Galaxy Lolita Fashion Show and the HCC Fashion Show, and closing with the Steampunk Ball!
Saturday will bring more panels, games, and workshops as well as the Big Cosplay Contest. Bring that outfit you’ve been working on for so long, and strut your stuff on the main stage for trophies and bragging rights. Saturday will close out with our big formal event, Sarah’s Masquerade Ball – just watch out for the goblins!
Sunday will start off at a slower pace with our VIP Gold Pass Breakfast with Celebrities, but gear up quickly as folks wake from the late night festivities. Hear your favorite celebrity speak on far-ranging topics, and ask them questions about your most favorite show they were in.
Our celebrity guests include Tiffany Grant (Aska from Evangalion), Kirby Morrow (Teru Mikami from Death Note), John Swasey (Daisuke Aramaki from Ghost in the Shell), Chuck Huber (Android 17 and Pilaf from Dragon Ball), and Monica Rial (Bulma from Dragon Ball and Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt). There are anime viewing rooms, panels, workshops, old and new console gaming, PC gaming, and even tabletop gaming! We have a manga library open during the day, so you can sit and relax, take a moment to catch your breath, and read a volume or two of a new series! There will even be a Japanese Maid Café to cater to your sweet tooth, and to keep you entertained!
We are excited to bring Warhammer to our Gaming Arena, partnering with Warzone to bring a Houston GT Warhammer 40,000 event to Houston. Hear the clash and the ground rumble as these Aamies collide in Houston’s biggest Warhammer GT event of the year.
Delta H Con is a Houston-based family-friendly event celebrating 10 years of making friends and bringing celebrities from around the world to Houston. We look forward to meeting you, and having you join our family on our journey for the next 10 years!