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Kira Kira Guest Delta H Con 2023

Join the Kira Kira Maids for our DHC Special Cafe and Free Time Cafe!

For the Special Cafe:

On Site ticket purchases must be made at registration or the Free Time Cafe prior to closing.

Online ticket purchases can be made here:       Friday Session    |   Saturday Session

Please present your receipt of purchase at the door at opening.

For the Free Cafe:

Our Ureshii Kokoro Maid Café (Happy Heart Maid Cafe)
Is open daily for anyone to walk in an explore what a maid cafe is all about! Let the Kira Kira maids welcome you with kawaii greetings, idol performances, table games. There are Japanese snack available for purchase. Come check us out and let your Heart be Happy!


“Welcome home, Master!”

Lutavia Cosplay – Local Cosplay Spotlight Guest Winner

Lutavia Cosplay

Lutavia Cosplay

is our second ever Local Cosplay Spotlight Winner.
Lutavia discovered cosplay around 13-14 but like so many of us life distractions put cosplay on the back burner. Though she kept going to cons, school overwhelmed her, and it wasn’t until college that her love of cosplay was revitalized. It started out building props on her apartment table–putting electronics together for a Breath of the Wild sheikah slate and Guardian Sword, using tutorials from Adafruit, a site she was familiar with in school. When she brought it to a convention for the first time and saw a teenager examining it in awe and was grinning with pride, she realized something: she liked wearing cosplays, but adored building them. And when began helping others build a Guardian Sword like hers, showing them the resources to use, she began to realize she adored teaching too. Fast forward to today: now she absolutely loves cosplaying and building stuff as well as showing other people, and hopefully sparking some joy and confidence in them to build something too!

Instagram: @lutaviacosplay
Twitter: @LutaviaCosplay
Website: https://www.lutaviacosplay.com/

Delta H Con 2021 Panels


Breakdown without a Break Down: Planning your Cosplay


Cosplay for All: A Guide to Scaling Cosplay For You – Lutavia Cosplay

Cosplay Contest


Prime & Polish: Finishing 3D Prints for Cosplay

How Guests Work at Delta H Con

News Release 4/19/2021

Hello family,

It has been some time since we’ve written to you and even longer since we’ve seen each other. Just last month we were set to announce guests and post our kick off message for the 2021 convention when we, like you, heard Comicpalooza was moving from May to the same weekend as Delta H, July 16-18, 2021. So we put our kick off on hold as we explored options for possibly moving Delta H. We found our hotel didn’t have any available dates that wouldn’t have put us moving to weekends already taken by other anime groups. Some run by folks we know and work closely with. We are choosing to keep the July 16-18, 2021 weekend so we don’t put our friends in the same unenviable position as we find ourselves in. We understand being on the same weekend as Comicpalooza will have some of you facing the choice of join us or roam around CP. We certainly hope you will join us as our 3 day weekend pass costs less than a single day at CP but we totally understand and love you no matter which you chose to attend.
Today we are restarting our kick off for Delta H Con July 16-18, 2021! Let the fun for Delta H Con-tagion begin! We look forward to seeing your awesome quarantine creations at the cosplay contest, the Zombie Prom, or just shambling down the hall!
For your safety we, like many other businesses in the city, have made the Houston Clean Pledge. In conjunction with the Houston Westchase Marriott we have added cleaning procedures to our event space. We are also reducing the total number of panel rooms so we can expand their size while reducing the number of people they seat to allow for social distancing. Masks will also be required. We are following current CDC guidance and keeping track of local COVID-19 levels. We have more details on our website.

If you already have a pass for Delta H 2021 and can’t attend we will be happy to roll them to 2022 which is happening July 15-17, 2022.