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Melee Tournament

Date(s) - Saturday 8/29/2015 1:00 PM - Saturday 5:00 PM

Event has started.


Melee (Saturday):

Games will be played with 4 stocks, and an 8 minute time limit (NO ITEMS).

$5 entry goes directly to the prize pool. ~ Payout ~ 1st: 60% 2nd: 30% 3rd: 10%0

~ Legal Stages ~ ■ Singles ■ Neutral: – Yoshi’s Story – Fountain of Dreams – Final Destination – Battlefield – Dreamland Counterpick: – Pokemon Stadium

~ Other rules and helpful info

~ Stages are struck in a 1-2-1 format.

Double Blind character select may be requested for Game 1. Winner of Game 1 bans 1 stage, loser of Game 1 picks from the remaining stages. The winner of Game 1 is then given the opportunity to change characters. The loser of Game 1 is then given the opportunity to pick their character. The process is repeated for Game 3.

The winner of each game must report the score of their set to me or another TO after the set is completed. This is very important to keep things moving, guys!

I will DQ anyone who doesn’t report for a game within a reasonable time (7 minutes or so). If you need to go to the bathroom or something, LET SOMEONE KNOW so they can at least report to a TO. If you are holding up brackets too much, I WILL DQ you.

Modified Dave’s Stupid Rule is in effect: A player may not return to the last stage they won on during a set.

Gentleman’s Rule is in effect: Any stage may be played if both players agree to it. All matches will be best of 3 until Semis and forward which will be best of 5.

Mike Haze rule is in effect: No loud noises/screaming to distract your opponent. Breaking the rule during a match will result in a warning or DQ at a TOs discretion. If you are spectating and break the rule, you may be ejected from the venue and/or DQ’d.

No glitches/techniques deemed to be “degenerate to play” including but not limited to: Ice Climbers’ Freeze Glitch, Name Entry Glitch and its derivatives, Peach Bomber Stalling, etc


VENUE: Electronic Games
Address: Grand Ballroom A-C, Westchase Marriott, United States