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Cosplay Spotlight Program

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2022 program. We have chosen the 2022 Spotlight Cosplayer.

Delta H Con always strives to help the community. This year we are bringing to light a program we have nurtured in spirit since our inception 15 years ago. Bringing in local cosplay guests with phenomenal talent, helps us to celebrate the wonderful gems hiding in our very midst.

So without further adieu we debut our “Local Spotlight” program. We believe every cosplayer deserves the attention of the community. The Local Spotlight program is for cosplayers who have never held the status of “guest” at an event before, who are looking to get their names out there. If you are interested in taking your cosplays to the next level we invite you to fill out this short questionnaire for a chance to be our Local Spotlight Guest and be on the flip side of the judges table!

The Local Spotlight winner will get to be a judge for the cosplay contest, be featured on our website for a year, social media mentions, and get free passes to our event! Let’s work together to build the cosplay community to new heights.

1) Must live in Texas
2) Must not have been a guest at other conventions before.
3) Must fabricate 50% of your cosplay. While we love cosplay models, we are looking for fabrication and prop building skills.
4) Must have a family friendly cosplay history.
5) Must be willing to host panels and judge the cosplay competition.
6) Must be 18 or older to participate

2022 Local Cosplay Spotlight Entrance

    Full Legal Name (required)

    Cosplay Handle (required)

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    Year you were Born (required)

    Have you ever been a cosplay guest at a convention before? (required)

    Do you live in the Houston Area? (required) YesNo

    What are your social media cosplay links? (required)

    How long have you cosplayed? (required)

    How did you get into cosplay? (required)

    How many different conventions have you attended? (required)

    Have you been to an out of state convention? (required) YesNo

    What are your favorite events to attend?

    How many awards have you won?

    How much time on average do you spend making each cosplay? (required)

    What is the most difficult challenge you have faced in making cosplay? (required)

    What is a skill you find yourself proficient in doing? (i.e. seamstress, props, makeup, wig styling, mechanical, electrical, special FX). (required)

    What piece of a cosplay are you most proud of? (required)

    What are you cosplay dreams, goals, or aspirations? (required)

    Which cosplayers inspire you? (required)

    Tell us more
    Anything else you think we need to know about you?

    Please Include 1-3 photos of your favorite costumes in progress and complete!

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    *No guarantee on future guest statuses. We're just hoping to help you out!
    *Delta H Con is a family friendly convention and as such deem adult or questionable material in your social media/websites to be inappropriate.