Refund Policy

Cancellations and refunds can be given out with written notice only. We accept postal mail and e-mail notifications. Refunds will be percentage based given the time the notification is received.
Greater then 90 days: 100% refund
Between 90 and 31 days: 50% refund
30 days of less: No refund


Delta H Con understands that carrying props and replicas is important to many fans as part of the convention experience. Fans of prop weapons or other items permitted below use and carry them at their own risk and assume all risks of liability to and from anyone injured or otherwise harmed directly or indirectly by the fans acts or inaction. Delta H Con shall not be liable for injury, harm, damage, or other liability associated with any person’s use of any weapon, permitted, or banned, at Delta H Con.

We the staff of Delta H Con appreciate the time and effort put into the creation of your costumes, props, and replica weapon-like items, and understand that non-working replica, prop, and imitation “weapons” are often a part of costuming. To ensure the safety of all those attending Delta H Con, we maintain this strict “weapons” policy. It is imperative that costume “weapons” comply with this policy and with local, state, and federal laws. This policy is not a summary of the laws nor does this policy constitute legal advice. You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws.

These Delta H Con policies are enforced at all times. Anyone found to be carrying, brandishing, or have in their possession, any working weapon or firearm at any location associated with the convention will be immediately expelled without refund and the offender may be reported to the authorities.

These rules are for your safety and the safety of Delta H Con. We are posting and enforcing these to protect you the con-goer, and our staff from harm be it physical, or legal. The rules are NOT open to interpretation nor will they be a point of argument. The rules are final and if they are broken, your badge can and will be pulled and you will not be allowed to participate in any further Delta H Con events.

We want you to keep in mind our staff are not here to hinder your convention experience in any way, but just because you are at a con… LAWS and SAFETY are not discarded for your pleasure.

Brandishing any weapon-like item is NOT permissible. Brandishing is defined as drawing, exhibiting, or using any weapon whatsoever in a rude, angry, or threatening manner or using a weapon in any fight or quarrel. Delta H Con staff, convention Safety, Hotel Security, and Houston Police Dept. are empowered to determine whether a particular act constitutes “Brandishing” in their sole and absolute discretion.

You may not carry or possess any working weapon AT ANY TIME in or around the convention spaces. Working weapons, firearms, curio or relic to include antiques firearms, and all forms of ammunition are strictly forbidden.

Even items that may be legal to carry such as maces, knives, or stun guns are not welcome at Delta H Con. Please leave them at home.

1) Prop Weapons: “Prop Weapons” may be carried during the convention, providing that you comply with the following restrictions. “Prop Weapons” are home made or commercial costume props that support the overall look of the character or costume. We will have our safety staff stationed at the safety desk to inspect any Prop Weapon you may have questions about.

2) Prop weapons are NOT allowed to be swung, jabbed, thrust, or actively used on the convention grounds or in the common areas. They can injure others and create unsafe situations. Anyone brandishing a “Prop Weapon” in an unsafe manner will be told to remove it from the convention spaces. You MAY pose with a “Prop Weapon” in a brandishing manner so long as no reasonable person would interpret the pose as anything but safe and no real threat.

3) Water Guns, Squirt Guns, and any toy that is capable of actually firing a projectile or object of any material are not allowed. They must be disabled and you must be able to prove that it will not work for it to be allowed for a costume. Any prop that looks like a gun MUST have an orange tip. This applies to ALL types of guns from SCI-FI to Modern.

4) No sharp live steel weapons will be allowed at Delta H Con. You may have metal Prop Weapons for your costume BUT they must be proven dull and not able to cause ANY amount of damage to another person.

5) Futuristic Replicas and fake period weapons may be displayed as long as they are recognizable as obvious fakes.

Privacy Policy

Delta H Con respects the privacy of all our attendees.
We employ individual end user tracking and data sharing with third parties for advertising and marketing purposes on our web properties.

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