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Delta H Dress Code

Delta H is a family-friendly convention. Excessively revealing clothing or costumes are not permitted. Private areas must be covered with opaque cloth at all times. Attendees in excessively revealing attire will be asked to change.
Convention spaces have a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy. Because of this, shirts and shoes must be worn at all times and may only be removed for photographs.
No profanity or graphic sexual imagery may be displayed on costumes or clothing.

It is your responsibility to not break these simple rules or you will be kicked out.

Delta H Con Weapon & Prop Policy

Delta H Con understands that carrying props and replicas is important to many fans as part of the convention experience. Attendees of Delta H Con use and carry prop weapons or other items permitted below at their own risk and assume all risks of liability to and from anyone injured or otherwise harmed directly or indirectly by the attendee’s acts or inaction. Delta H Con shall not be liable for injury, harm, damage, or other liability associated with any person’s use of any weapon, permitted or banned, at Delta H Con.

These Delta H Con policies are enforced at all times. Anyone found to be carrying, brandishing, or having in their possession, any working weapon (this includes live steel blades) or firearms at any location associated with the convention will be immediately expelled without refund and the offender may be reported to the authorities. These rules are for your safety and the safety of Delta H Con. We are posting and enforcing these to protect all attendees and staff from harm, be it physical or legal. The rules are not open to interpretation nor will they be a point of argument. The rules are final and if they are broken, your badge can and will be pulled and you will not be allowed to participate in any further Delta H Con events.

You may not carry or possess any working weapon AT ANY TIME in or around the convention spaces. Working weapons, live steel swords, firearms, curio or relic/antique firearms, and all forms of ammunition are strictly forbidden. Even items that may be legal to carry such as maces, knives, or stun guns are not welcome at Delta H Con. Please leave them at home.

1) Props must comply with all weapons and prop policies. Delta H Con staff will inspect any Prop you may have questions about and have the right to refuse their presence at Delta H Con.

2) Props are NOT allowed to be swung, jabbed, thrust, or actively used on the convention grounds or in the common areas. Anyone brandishing a Prop in an unsafe manner will be told to remove it from the convention spaces. You may pose with a Prop in a brandishing manner so long as no reasonable person would interpret the pose as anything but safe and no real threat.

3) Water guns, squirt guns, and any toy that is capable of actually launching projectiles or any material are not allowed. They must be obviously disabled and you must be able to prove that it will not work to be allowed for a costume. Any prop that looks like a gun MUST have an orange tip at a minimum. This applies to ALL types of guns from SCI-FI to Modern. Airsoft weapons must be obviously disabled and cannot look realistic in color.

4) No metal blades will be allowed at Delta H Con. Props made of metal are allowed but may not be edged or able to cause any amount of damage to another person. Metal weapons purchased from our weapons dealers must remained boxed and taken to your car or hotel room.

5) Futuristic Replicas and fake period weapons may be displayed as long as they are recognizable as obvious fakes.

6) Brandishing any weapon-like or prop item is not permissible. Brandishing is defined as drawing, exhibiting, or using any weapon whatsoever in a rude, angry, or threatening manner or using a weapon in a fight or quarrel. Delta H Con staff, convention Safety, Hotel Security, and Houston Police Dept. are empowered to determine whether a particular act constitutes brandishing in their sole and absolute discretion.

We the staff of Delta H Con appreciate the time and effort put into the creation of your costumes, props, and replica weapon-like items, and understand that non-working replica, prop, and imitation “weapons” are often a part of costuming. To ensure the safety of all those attending Delta H Con, we maintain this strict “weapons” policy. It is imperative that costume “weapons” comply with this policy and with local, state, and federal laws. This policy is not a summary of the laws nor does this policy constitute legal advice. You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws.

Expected Behavior Policy

Please be aware that Stardust Entertainment and Delta H Con reserve the right to refuse service and/or evict you from the convention and from the hotel for whatever reason we deem fit. It is not our plan to do so, it is not a fun thing to do, and we’d really rather not. However, we do have our limits, so we put together the following set of rules that can be punishable by ejection if they are broken.
There is ZERO Tolerance for illegal activities, such as underage drinking, use of prohibited substances, or soliciting outside approved areas.
Please observe all signs. Some events may have ‘no recording’ policies enforced. This depends on the group and it’s management. We make this information known when we are informed. Violations are disrespectful to the guests who made these requests and encourage them not to make future appearances at conventions.
We encourage and welcome all attendees to take photographs in all areas except where prohibited. Photography is prohibited in all viewing rooms. Photography of original artwork is not allowed without the consent of the artist. Ask permission before you take a photo of someone even if they are in costume. Be polite and respect them if they say no.
Please wear your badge where our staff does not have to have x-ray vision to see it! Preferably out in the open, on the outside of your costume, and above the waist.
No sleeping or snogging(google it) in the video rooms. Sleepers will be awoken as rudely as possible, and taunting the dateless is just cruel. Get a room.
DO NOT DAMAGE HOTEL FACILITIES. Acts of vandalism are strictly prohibited. This includes moving furniture into elevators, tearing leaves off plants, hanging on railings, dumping things off balconies, and other, similar behavior. This marks the whole convention as “bad business” that may be communicated across the continent, and discourages other hotels from hosting anime conventions. Don’t let it be YOUR fault that DHC is considered an “inferior piece of business. “ Don’t tear up your playground if you want places to play.
No pets unless they are service animals for the disabled.
You must be 21 years old to drink. If you are underage, you may not drink or possess alcohol by Texas State Law. Breaking this can and will land you (and others) in jail. If you are of age, please drink responsibly and in designated hotel areas. You may not carry open liquor outside of these areas. The hotel will notify police if they suspect minors with alcohol, and they are not obligated to inform Delta H. No alcohol is permitted in any DHC Staff or Volunteer sleeping rooms.
Delta H Con and the Hotel buildings are non-smoking. Smoking is prohibited throughout this event. Special smoking areas are available behind the Hotel.
People caught switching or counterfeiting badges will be immediately escorted out of the convention without refund. Counterfeiters may be prosecuted for forgery and theft of services.
Seating is first-come, first-served. Due to fire regulations, sitting in aisles and seating beyond the room’s capacity is not allowed.
Delta H Con reserves the right to refuse admission to Panels/Workshops/Viewing rooms to those under 18 during videos and/or panels with adult content.
Water guns and projectiles are not allowed in convention space, any use of them in public will result in loss of your badge and removal from the convention. All involved parties will be required to pay the cost of any property damages suffered by individuals, dealers or the hotel.
Sales outside of official, designated areas are prohibited. This means no selling your sketches or used games while sitting in the hallway in order to make a quick buck. Selling out of your hotel room is strictly prohibited by the hotel. Those people selling in designated areas have the appropriate approvals, paperwork, and permits to do so. These designated areas include: Dealers and Artist Booths.
A parent or guardian MUST accompany children under 12 years.
Cosplay is one of the main features of Delta H Con. We kindly ask all Cosplayers to be tasteful with their choice of costumes. Be careful with large and bulky costumes or costumes that have large and bulky accessories especially in high traffic areas. NO indecent exposure. Please abide by public decency laws and customs.

Harassment Policy

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at Delta H Con. This policy applies to all attendees, guests, volunteers, security, and staff.


Harassment is generally defined as unwanted behavior that creates an intimidating, offensive, and/or hostile environment for the person being targeted. It can be physical or psychological. If someone tells you that your comments or behavior are unwelcome, you need to stop immediately. If that person tells you to leave them alone, you need to cease contact. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think your behavior was harassing; harassment is defined by the victim.

Examples of harassment include, but are not limited to:

Making comments about a person’s appearance, sexual and/or vulgar statements, offensive jokes, or anything disparaging a person’s gender, race, religion, sexuality, identity, et cetera.
Bulling and discrimination.
Whistling, catcalling, and any kind of non-consensual flirting or sexual advances.
Following someone or impeding their path.
Attending a person’s panels solely to heckle them.
Photographing or recording someone without their permission.
Exposing oneself or miming sexual acts.
Bathroom policing (harassing someone because of the bathroom they feel most comfortable using).
Touching someone without their permission.
Repeated texting, phone calls, or emails, after being told to stop.
Any persistent action that creates a hostile environment for the person or persons being targeted – harassment is when a person is feeling harassed, period.

If a person is in cosplay, that does not give you consent to photograph or touch them without their permission. Remember that underneath the costume and make-up is a real person; they are not the character they are portraying and you do not have the right to treat them as you would the fictional character.

Excessively loud noises/music and disruptive behavior is prohibited unless noted otherwise. Please refrain from screaming, blasting music, or using noisemakers such as vuvuzelas and air horns, especially in hallways.

Explicit Content

Costumes must cover any area usually hidden by a bathing suit (genitalia, buttocks, nipples unless otherwise specified). Flashing/mooning other people is considered harassment and will not be tolerated. Please be aware that businesses and other venues in the area may have stricter dress codes (e.g. shirts required before entry).

Any clothing, signs, props, or other materials containing explicit content must NOT be visible inside our convention space. Anyone in Artist Alley selling work with explicit content must have it out of view and must view a photo ID before showing it to interested customers. Customers must then keep the purchase in a pocket, bag, or case that does not allow it to be seen by other attendees. Ahegao shirts are prohibited.

Please report any incidents of harassment as soon as possible. We take all reports very seriously, regardless of who is involved. You can report harassment even if you are not the directly involved, and no retaliation for filing a report will be tolerated.

Harassment by any individual (attendees, guests, volunteers, security, or staff) should be reported to Security. If you are not comfortable reporting to Security, you can report to our [Person Specifically Designated as a Harassment Contact] at [Contact Email/Phone].

Any violations of our harassment policy will result in immediate penalties dependent upon the severity of the action. Such penalties include:

Verbal warnings. (You will only be warned once.)
Confiscation of your badge and ejection from the event, with no refunds.
Banning from any and all future events put on by Stardust Entertainment, LLC
Contacting law enforcement when appropriate.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

• Please note that all sales are final, as memberships are neither refundable nor returnable. They may be upgraded.
• Memberships cannot be transferred forward to future shows.
• Please be careful not to lose or misplace your convention badge or wristband because they will not be replaced. All convention functions require a convention badge or wristband worn in plain sight in order to participate.
Guest appearances are subject to change or cancellation due to professional obligations. Please check the Delta H Con website for the most current listings prior to the event. Refunds cannot be issued in the event of a guest cancellation.

Liability Waiver

Conventions, with their crowds and multiple events, have inherent potential risks associated with them, such as tripping on the dance floor, getting bumped by another guest, or contracting an illness from another participant. This is not an exclusive list. AT NO TIME will Stardust Entertainment LLC, Delta H Con, the Marriott Westchase or any associated group accept responsibility for any injury caused by an attendee’s participation in Delta H Con any events, concerts, or other activities. Purchase of a badge and entry into the convention indicates an agreement to this effect by the attendee.

Privacy Policy

Delta H Con respects the privacy of all our attendees.
We employ individual end user tracking and data sharing with third parties for advertising and marketing purposes on our web properties. This includes first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) or other first-party identifiers, and third-party cookies (such as Google advertising cookies) or other third-party identifiers together.

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