Delta H Con

We are looking for a few good people to join the Delta H Con staff. If you’re willing to show some serious dedication to the convention then get in touch with us. Below are some of the positions that are available but if you think you have a special skill set that you’re willing to offer to Delta H then let us know.

Current Open Staff Positions:

Kid’s Track Coordinator – Work with all departments to Plan events appropriate for younger age groups and family centric programming.
Gaming Coordinator – Work with Game Director and Game department heads during planning and during the event.
Marketing Assistant – Assist the Marketing Director with campaigns.
Multimedia Programming – Work with Tech and Events Programming for Music, Video heavy programming.
Marriott Liaison – Liaison with the Marriott staff and all programming in Marriott during the event.

Regional Street Team Managers – Getting postcards and posters distributed then refilled in Austin, DFW, Houston, San Antonio, and San Marcos.

Delta H Open Call for Department Help:

Techs – We need people who can help with setup within panel rooms and help troubleshoot audio/visual equipment. Must be able to problem solve technical issues w/o assistance in a timely manner. Will need to be on-site at least 8 hours a day for 4 days. Will need to be able to work independent but will need to be on-call at all times when on shift. Experience with PCs & Mac hardware, Windows XP/Windows 7/8 software, sound boards, and projectors are a big plus. Confident applicants only, please.

Load In/Load Out Crew Helper – Will need to be to work 8-12 hours on Wednesday and Thursday to load in Delta H then Sunday through Monday morning to load out Delta H. It is greatly helpful to be able to lift 40-60lbs in hot environments. We are looking for people who have good physical endurance. Food and drinks will be provided while on-duty.

Programming Helper – Ensure attendees of all panels have a convention badge. Let panelists know if they need to wrap it up. Point attendees to the correct line to enter to wait for the room then let them in up until the room has filled capacity. Ensure all attendees who have VIP Pass are given entrance. Call in if tech support or panel issues arise for the panel room.

Community Relations – The CR team takes care of public relations, media relations, and various customer service functions. This is an opportunity for individuals to gain real-world experience in Communication. Spots available for internships for those willing to do work before and after the con. Candidates should have an academic background in Communications, Public Relations Marketing, Technical/Professional Writing, or similar disciplines.

Photographers / Videographers – Delta H is looking for a few willing and able photographers and videographers to help us capture the convention and share all the fun we have. We do need photographers that can put in at least 12 hours a day over 3 days. Must have a portfolio. For a longer list of requirements email media@deltahcon.com

Expectations: You will be expected to work 9-14 hours a day during the entire convention (Thur.-Mon. of the convention, possibly on Wednesday) depending on your position with a very high expectation to be reliable and the means to handle stressful situations. Prior volunteer fandom experience is highly preferred. We are looking for experienced individuals.

Benefits Include: Crash Space, work directly with main staff, volunteer badge, access to a big post-convention event on Sunday evening, food vouchers, and knowing that you’re working hard for a fantastic group of people who try to put on a great fan convention in Houston and all of the attendees. You will be expected to work longer shifts than a general volunteer.

Be sure to list your work/job experiences including conventions that you’ve worked for when applying for the position and any possible references. This will greatly help us when making a consideration to join us.

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