Dealer Room / Artist Alley Helper – Helper in Artist Alley by ensuring things run smoothly and check on artists.
ConSuite / Convention Suite Helper – Help in the room in making food and keeping it constantly refilled. **REQUIRES FOOD SAFETY KNOWLEDGE AND ONLY A HANDFUL ARE SELECTED**
Convention Operations Helper / ConOps – Help in ConOps of keeping tabs of the equipment and apart of logistics at the core of the convention.
Events / Panel Rooms Helper – Ensure panels/events run smoothly and keep tabs on panel rooms.
Game Room / Console – Help out in the Electronic Gaming section. ** THIS IS THE MOST POPULAR SELECTION AND ONLY A HANDFUL ARE SELECTED. **
Winged Monkeys – Assigned to help in general help like keeping lines in place or run items around the convention.
Info Desk Helper – Give out information to attendees.
Load-In/Load-Out Helper – Help Delta H move-in to start setup and help dealers load-in to the convention along with helping when tearing down on Sunday (food for all helpers, Thursday / Sunday night availability highly desired).
Merch Help – Helping sell Delta H t-shirts and other merch available.
Radio/Communications – Help staff departments in keeping in constant contact.
Registration Helper – Handle registration of badges and lines for attendees who are attending the convention. General volunteers will not be given tasks to handle money.
Tabletop Helper – Keep tabs on the tabletop section.
Tech Op Volunteer / Setup – Helping with the technical side in panel rooms & events. Help panels get up & running. Basic tech knowledge of computers, sound boards, projectors and speakers along with problem solving skills on the spot is required.
Main Events Helper – A Tech Op Volunteer / Setup but strictly based in Main Events.
Video Rooms Helper – Keep tabs on videos rooms and making sure that they’re playing on time.
Safety Volunteer – Keep tabs on the safety of attendees. **MUST BE APPROVED BY DEPT HEAD**

If you are 16 or 17 years old then anticipate to be assigned to EVENTS or VIDEO ROOMS. These departments require the most volunteers.

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