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Below are the Listed Volunteer Position available
Con Suite – The Con Suite is where volunteers can go to munch on snacks and drinks. Staffers make sure the food and drinks remain stocked and available, and the room stays tidy and clean.
Requirement: 16+ years old

Convention Store (Merch Help) – Located at Registration, this is where attendees can purchase official Delta H Con merchandise. Staffers will assist attendees with their purchases and help promote Delta H Con. Cash-handling skills preferred.
Requirement: 16+ years old

Convention Operations / Con Ops – Con Ops staffers help out with other departments as needed, and make sure everything is running smoothly throughout the convention. Con Ops keeps tabs of the equipment and a part of logistics at the core of the convention.
Requirement: 16+ years old

Dealer Room / Artist Alley – Staff help vendors check in and find their tables, and help them throughout the convention.
Requirement: 16+ years old

Events (Events is broken down into four sub-departments: Special, Panels, workshops, and Cosplay)
Staffers help set up and take down the rooms, assist panelists, aid with badge checks and lines, and more.
Special: handles all Special Events such as the Formal Dance, Concerts, fashion shows, tea party, etc.
Panels: deals with all the panels that go on during the convention.
Workshops: sets up and makes sure the needed workshop items are on hand. Assists during the workshop to make sure participants have the necessary tools and collects them post workshop.
Cosplay: sets up and arranges the Cosplay Gallery and assist with the Costume Pre-judging &
Requirement:16+ years old

E-Gaming (Console) – Are rooms established for console and PC gaming. Staffers do a wide variety of tasks, including, setting up the Gaming Rooms, monitoring game systems, signing attendees in for and helping with games and tournaments.
Requirement: 16+ years old and Dept Director Signature

Gaming (RPG) – Are rooms established for Table Top, CCG and RPG gaming. Staffers do a wide variety of tasks, including, setting up the Gaming Rooms, running games, signing attendees in for and helping with games and tournaments.
Requirement: 16+ years old and Dept Director Signature

Guest Relations – The Guest Relations department is responsible for helping the convention’s guests have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable convention experience. Staff duties include helping guests get to and from events and autograph sessions safely and on time, running guest related errands (fetching water, etc.), and generally helping to meet guest needs as they arise.
Requirement: 17+ years

Green Room – Similar to Guest Relations and that’s all the information that will be given. This position reports to Guest Relations head.
Requirements: 17+ years old

Info Desk – Info Booth is where attendees go when they have a question. Staffers are to answer these questions, which may include schedule updates, local restaurants, and maps.
Requirement: 15+ years old **

Load-In/ Set-up – There’s a lot of preparation that goes into setting up a convention. Staff helps unload the warehouse into the truck, unload the truck at the con, set up merchandise displays, concession stands, backdrops, and more. These volunteers should be physically fit and able to put things together if required to get set for the first day of the convention. This is a Wednesday evening and all day Thursday position.
Requirement: 16+ years old

Load-Out/ Tear-down – Just like there’s a lot of preparation that goes into setting up a convention there is a lot that has to be broken down and packed out. Staff helps break down the convention, load the truck at con and unload the truck at the warehouse. These volunteers should be physically fit and able to take things apart if required to break down the last day of the convention. This is a Sunday afternoon/evening position.
Requirement: 16+ years old

Manga Library – The Manga Library is a humble place that brings a wide variety of manga for attendees to read and enjoy. Staffers assist attendees with their manga needs, monitor the manga in the library as well as its readers, and catalog any new donations.
Requirement: 16+ years old

Medical/First Aid – The medic team is tasked to provide first aid and first response to issues where medical assistance may be required. They help identify the need for an ambulance or additional
response. Treat attendees that require medical assistance from mending a cut to feeling unwell. They can even check your blood pressure.
Requirement: 18+ years old, Proof of Certification, and Dept Director Signature

Photographer – A team of photographers ready to document the entire event. Recruiting volunteer photographers who are looking to build their portfolio. Capture Delta H Con and share the images through Delta H Con and your social media channels.
Requirement: 16+ years old

Registration – Registration is where attendees go to pick up / buy their badges. Staffers help speed attendees through by searching through Pre-Registered badges, verifying the ID and handing it out. Staffers also manage registration lines to assist with a smooth badge collection or purchase.
Requirement: 16+ years old

Safety – Safety is responsible for helping maintain a safe environment at the convention. Staffers are expected to see that the convention weapons policies are followed. They will also do badge checks and line control in front of all high capacity events. Other duties may include walking the convention floor to ensure the area remains orderly.
Requirement: 18+ years old and Dept Director Signature

Social Media Volunteer – The Social Media Volunteer will assist with capturing, writing, creating and sharing the stories of Delta H Con in Houston Texas. On a weekly basis, the Social Media Volunteer will provide three finished posts to be place on the Delta H Con social media accounts, helping to share the stories of our convention and drive brand awareness. It will also be under the scope of the Social Media Volunteer to capture and finalize content about the attendees at Delta H Con for the website.

Tech Maids –These staffers handle all the audio/video gear (among other things). Duties may include setting up all of the technical equipment, monitoring the equipment around the convention, help panels get up & running, and tearing it down at the end of the convention. Technical experience basic tech knowledge of computers, sound boards, projectors and speakers along with problem solving skills on the spot is preferred, but not necessary. *Something fun the helpers with main stage can and many do wear black maid outfits!!*
Requirement: 17+ years old and Dept Director Signature

Winged Monkeys – You are a team of runners who can fill in the gaps or even take over a role for a no-show volunteer. This team helps make Delta H Con a success by ensuring that when an issue arises, we have a team to help deal with it quickly. This position requires a cell phone to utilize our onsite communication system.
Requirement: 14+ years old **

**Under 16 years old parent/guardians are required to volunteer with you.