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KOHEI @ Delta H Con 2019

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Kohei is IFA United Nations international ambassador singer from Tokyo Japan.
Kohei has performed at the world famous Apollo Theater, Carnegie Hall, Prudential Center, Japanese festivals and Anime Conventions in the US.

Official MC at Japan Fes 2017 and 2018,
Official MC at Houston Japan Festival 2018,
Guest at the Anime Expo LA, AnimeNext, San Japan, Anime California, Mechacon, Ichibancon, Delta H Con, Anime Iowa, Animanga Expo LA, Anime Oasis, TitanCon, Liberty City AnimeCon, Animinneapolice, SwampCon, Gojotekicon, AnimeWTX, Kamehacon, Colossalcon East, Castle Point Anime Convention, LumiCon Etc…

Featured on Fox TV Steve Harvey Show and featured on M-On TV with Japanese recoding artist The Rampage from Exile Tribe.

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INK ROSE @ Delta H Con 2019

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Ink Rose™(Anastasia Snyder) is the founder of Ink Rose, Inc. She is a digital illustrator, voice actress, and writer well known for multiple narrated
story series she created for her YouTube audience of over 100,000 subscribers. On the artistic side of things, she is an avid digital illustrator. She attends and speaks at conventions where she showcases and sells prints of her work. Currently, she is working on writing and illustrating her
original series “Spectral Lakes”. In terms of voice acting, she has performed in multiple fan dubs of comics and video games. You can check out
her site here: http://inkroseinc.com

Scarfing Scarves @ Delta H Con 2019

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The creator behind Last Week Lolita News, a Lolita Fashion News Show made specifically for people who would take out your left eye with a parasol if they thought it would get them even an inch closer to getting their dream dress.
She discusses the happenings of the week in Lolita, dissects the general bickering into satisfying soundbites, and generally works as a giant envoy of catharsis for the Lolita Community at large.

Youtube: ScarfingScarves Facebook: ScarfingScarves

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Melancholiaah @ Delta H Con 2019

“She’s a bit sad and creepy, isn’t she? A former “idol” since the age of ten, now trapped in a world created by the mess and trauma of growing up as an “idol”, exploiting herself at a young age.
She continues to sing her heart out, for it’s all she knows. The extreme parts of her heart, she will show you them all. Melancholiaah is a vocalist who has participated in works by EDM and
Dubcore artists Akira Complex, Camellia, ZOVI, and Hommarju and can be heard on the latest Beatmania arcade game, beatmania IIDK 25 CANNON BALLERS. Following her first single
release from December 2018, her new concept EP titled “Sekai no Owari de Aimashou/Let’s Meet At the End of the World” will be releasing October 2019. Her goal is to create a feeling of love
and acceptance with each other, and most of all, oneself with her performances. With an unforgettable performance full of raw emotion, she hopes to connect with everyone through voice.”


Habiteer Workshop @ Delta H Con 2019

Professional prop and costume maker, Habiteer Workshop has created works for famous cosplayers, events and films across the globe. Leaving
his corporate job behind in 2015 to create props and costumes full time, Habiteer Workshop’s work has been seen on such famous cosplayers as
Jessica Nigri, Alyson Tabbitha, Vampy Bit Me, and numerous others. In addition he has had his work featured at blizzcon and has hosted
Gameology’s “Gaming Props IRL”, this houston based maker can show you how to take your cosplay or creative business to the next level and tips
and tricks he’s learned throughout the years.