Ami Belcher Artist Guest @DeltaHCon

Ami BelcherAmelie “Ami-Chan” Belcher was born in Baton-Bloody-Boring-Rouge Louisiana where the combination of chemical plant fumes and river water did major damage to her fragile little mind at an early age. By all accounts, she started drawing at the age of five (when she figured out that the pencil goes on the paper and not up your nose) and didn’t stop drawing until she ran out of paper…twenty years later. Amelie taught high school art for four years, but lost interest in teaching when it cut into her quest to collect all the dragon balls and forcibly evolve her pokemon into the Old Spice Guy. She is also the artist behind the manga “Loud Snow” and the web comics”The Real Life Adventures Of Amelie” and “Bounty Haunters” seen currently at Amelie now travels the country doing one of a kind stand up drawing panels where she secretly sneaks art education into peoples minds between hilarity, and selling her award winning artwork.