CASEY MONGILLO @ Delta H Con 2019

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Casey Mongillo

is a Los Angeles-based voice actor and musician originally from Connecticut. Casey is most known for voicing Shinji Ikari in the Netflix dub of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, as well as Shou Suzuki in “Mob Psycho 100”, Sandboy in “Miraculous Ladybug”, Nicol Amalfi in “Gundam SEED” (NYAV dub), Kirisame in “B: The Beginning”, and Zoe in “Monster Prom”.
Additionally, Casey has provided voices for projects such as Red Dead Redemption, Octopath Traveler, Need for Speed, Star Trek Online, Beyblade Burst Turbo, Shadowverse, Food Fantasy, and many others. When not performing, Casey enjoys listening to music on their DAT player, playing video games, skateboarding, and studying Japanese.

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Twitter: @CaseyTheVA
Instagram: @CaseyTheVA
IMDB: Casey Mongillo