Diana Dru Botsford Sci-Fi Writer Extraordinaire @DeltaHCon

Diana Dru Botsford
Diana Botsford

Writer/Producer Diana Dru Botsford‘s works run the gamut from novels to the screen including Stargate SG-1 novels (“Four Dragons,” “The Drift” and the upcoming “The Many & the Few”) , the Star Trek TNG episode, “Rascals” and the award-winning science fiction webseries “Epilogue.”  Most recently, her short story, “Perceptions” (included in the Stargate anthology, “Far Horizons”) received a Scribe Award nomination from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers.  She received her undergraduate degree in Writing/producing for TV & Film from Boston University and her graduate degree in Creative Writing from Seton Hill University. As a creative writing and screenwriting instructor, she’s educated many a writing student on the finer points of storytelling. Botsford’s pursuit of great stories has taken her across the globe from Japan to Africa to Antarctica. If she could save up the $250,000, a seat on board Virgin Galactic would be next.