KRIS VANDERWEGE @ Delta H Con 2017

Kris Vanderwege Image

Kris Vanderwege

is a Renaissance man of geek culture. Actor, Director, Playwright, Counselor, and even a Paralegal, this Houston‐based performer has spent his life in the pursuit of entertaining others. From farce to drama, Shakespeare to Monty Python, he’s done a bit of everything onstage, backstage and in the production booth.

For the last 14 years Kris has worked at over a dozen conventions as a staffer, emcee and featured panelist. If you name a job at a convention he’s probably worked it: Formal Dance Coordinator and D.J.; Cosplay Judge & contest Organizer, Emcee: Guest relations & Airport transportation; Acting, Improvisation & Psychology panelist; etc. Texas Convention attendees recognize him as the coordinator of Official Texas Cosplay Chess and as host and performer in “Whose Line Is It Anime?” where he’s had the pleasure of performing alongside “1‐Up Improv” and “Take One Productions”.

His most recent project is “Bardic Insight”‐‐ a new YouTube channel dedicated to commentary on anime, theater, and gaming. He and his team will be recording much of their inaugural footage at the 2017 Delta H Con in Houston, Texas.