Local Cosplay Spotlight Update

Delta H would like to apologize to the Houston Cosplay community for the recent Local Cosplay Spotlight failure. I, Sarah Skrobarczyk, would like to personally apologize. I am really sorry that I and my team failed to present clear rules and guidelines for the contest and failed in our responsibility to make sure the entrants followed the rules. Historically when we went looking for cosplay guests we strove to bring in local Texas talent to boost the cosplay scene in Texas. We failed to realize Local would be interpenetrated as only Houston by some when we set out the rules. We will clarify as this program is and always has been open to Texas based cosplayers.

We have been asked to open the 2017 submissions back up so that folks who did not apply because they thought the rules disallowed them could apply. We would love to but we cannot due to time constraints.

We would like to thank Hybrid Cosplay for their gracious handling of this and for bowing out of the contest when the rules were explained to them. A credit to their character.

We would like to thank contest participant, Lauren Atencio for letting us know about these issues.

Due to the small percentage of votes received before Hybrid Cosplay bowed out of the contest we feel leaving the current votes is more fair to the remaining finalists than starting over.