Oscar Seung is a Dallas-based actor, violinist, pianist, opera singer, and music director. From film and television pilots, to theater and voiceovers, Oscar champions representation of Asian-Americans in media and the arts. He can currently be seen in We Can Be Heroes on Netflix, directed by Robert Rodriguez, and The Turkey Bowl on Hulu, directed by Greg Coolidge.

Anime/video game voiceover credits include: Attack on Titan (Varis), Yuri on Ice (Seung-Gil Lee), Free! (Nao Serizawa), Fairy Gone (Chase), One Piece (Daruma), Touken Ranbu (Kasen Kanesada), Magical Girl Raising Project (Shoichi Murota), Radiant (Baron Furgonde), and Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun (Misaki). Oscar is grateful to make appearances at anime conventions all over the country, inspiring other BIPOC and LGBT actors to pursue their passions in the arts. He is represented by the Mary Collins Agency.

Instagram: @theoscarseung
Twitter: @oscarseung

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Oscar Seung 1 Hour Free Autograph Signings

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Oscar Seung 1 Hour Free Autograph Signings

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