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Thomas McKee Delta H Con 2022 Guest Announcement

Thomas McKee @ Delta H Con 2022

We are happy to announce that Voice Actor Thomas Mckee will be appearing at #DeltaHCon August 19th through the 21st at MarriottHoustonWestchase .

Thomas McKee

is an actor living in Dallas with a passion for theater and voice acting. His roles include The Zombies in One Piece, The Royal Guards in The Royal Tutor, Elvis the Alien in Chaos Kernal, Officer GII in Night Watch, and roles in several other series such as Riot! The Video Game and Knights VS Pirates VS Vikings 2. He has lent his voice to the audio book Canvas Skies: The Wings of Freedom and he loves to share his acting knowledge through panels and workshops. His talents extend into his own theater company and he is always happy to help new talent!
Follow Him
Twitter: @TomsvoiceVa
Facebook: @tom.mckee.va
Twitch: tomodst

This clip is from #onepiece where Tom does the #zombie voices.

Delta H Con 2022 Panels and Autographs

Tom McKee Autograph Signing 1 9:30-10:30AM
Opening Ceremonies 11AM-12PM
Tom McKee Autograph Signing 2 2-4:30PM
Developing a Character Workshop – Tom McKee 7-8PM
Gold Pass Mixer – VIP Badge Required 9-10:30PM

Too Many Voices In My Head – A Journey Into Voice Acting – Tom McKee 10-11AM
Tom McKee Autograph Signing 3
Tom McKee Autograph Signing 4 6-7:30PM
Acting and Being in Character – Tom McKee 9-10PM

Ask the VA’s 11AM-12PM
Tom McKee Autograph Signing 5 2-4PM
Closing Ceremonies 5-6:30PM

How Guests Work at Delta H Con

Clarine Harp Banner

CLARINE HARP @ Delta H Con 2019

Clarine Harp Image

Clarine Harp has had a prolific career planning and producing on-disc content for Funimation Entertainment for hundreds of titles. If you have a disc in-hand, odds are likely she worked on it. Her team handled a wide variety of tasks, such as translations and subtitles, DVD and Blu-ray authoring, video and audio compression, editing, and engineering,
quality control, content-planning, and much more.

In addition, she has performed many voice acting roles and is best-known for Hetalia (China, Taiwan), Burst Angel (Sei), Samurai 7 (Sanae), Speed Grapher (Ginza), Sekirei (Haihane), Negima (Kaede), Shin chan (Miss Katz), Witchblade (Asagi), Trinity Blood (Mary), RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~ (Laura), and One Piece (Miss Monday, Usopp’s Mother,
and Ran), and Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School Despair Arc (Peko).

Clarine can also be heard in BT’X, Cat Planet Cuties, Chaos;Child, Chrome Shelled Regios, Corpse Princess/Shikabane Hime, The Sacred Blacksmith, El Cazador de la Bruja, Claymore, Jyu-Oh-Sei, Beck, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fullmetal Alchemist, Case Closed, Evangelion 1.0, D.Gray-man, Bamboo Blade, Aquarion, LASTEXILE – Fam, the Silver Wing-, Tower of Druaga, Ouran High School Host Club, Heaven’s Lost Property, Jormugand, Unbreakable Machine-Doll, Yuri!!! On ICE, and others.

In her personal life, she is an avid knitter and general craft enthusiast. Unfortunately, her yarn habit is not compatible with the presence of her two cats and this regularly causes friction within the household.

Fun fact: Clarine is also the inspiration behind the character of Aubrey in the popular webcomic, Something Positive.

Instagram: @clarineharp