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MARK SEIFTER @ Delta H Con 2019

Mark Seifter is a game designer at Paizo and a creator of Pathfinder RPG’s 2nd Edition, as well as the core engine of the Starfinder RPG. In the past, he designed various books in the Pathfinder RPG, starting with Pathfinder Unchained and Occult Adventures. In addition, he is a freelance author of numerous Paizo products including Aquatic Adventures as well as various products from other publishers. Mark also has own twitch channel, Arcane Mark, cohosted with Linda Zayas-Palmer! You can join Mark and Linda Tuesday and Thursday evening and Saturday morning at https://www.twitch.tv/markseifter, or give a shout out on twitter (@MarkSeifter) or Facebook (@MarkSeifterGameDesigner).


Linda Pathfinder Image

Linda Zayas-Palmer is a developer at Paizo on the Organized Play team. As a part of her work with Paizo, she produces adventures for Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild and is the lead developer for the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Society. She is also a freelance author for the Pathfinder system who has contributed to dozens of projects for several gaming companies, including Horror Adventures, Through Maelstrom Rift, and Ultimate Intrigue for Paizo as well as Forest Kingdom Compendium, Trail of the Apprentice, and Ultimate Commander for Legendary Games.

Linda is a math tutor and a certified math teacher with an interest in the educational value of gaming. She worked extensively on Pathfinder Society Academy, a program that gradually introduces players to the Pathfinder Beginner Box the Pathfinder RPG and offers age-appropriate Pathfinder Society tables for young players and GMs.