OTA-Q @ Delta H Con 2019

Ota-Q Fashion Guest Image

Callie Ota-Q is the owner of Ota-Q Apparel, a Harajuku inspired indie brand that focusts on making cute clothing available for all sizes and genders! Based off the concept of mixing “otaku” and “cute”, the brand specializes in cute, colorful styles from Menhera to Mahou Kei! She is also the co-owner of Kei Club, a brand new kawaii magazine, and currently in the running to be the first black global Kawaii Leader!

Website: www.ota-q.store
Instagram: www.instagram.com/otaqapparel
Facebook: www.facebook.com/otaqapparel

Vote on Kawaii International: www.nhk.or.jp/kawaii-i/contest/personalstyle_2019.html