2017 Art Contest Entries

Once again the community has amazed us with some really stellar art pieces for Delta H’s 10th Anniversary art contest!

We are reviewing each piece and will announce the winners shortly but in the mean time enjoy the submissions!

A Girl and Her Dragon By: Tabitha Easter
Dark of the Night
Dark of the Night By: Hayley Nelson
Dungeons and Goblins
Dungeons and Goblins By: Nitezal Barrios
Jilly and Friends By: Loren Cisneros
YOU BETTER RUN - Karen Vasquez
YOU BETTER RUN By: Karen Vasquez
Monster Hoard By: Loren Cisneros
Rise Above By: Isabel Campuzano
Creepy is Cute By: Amber Carpenter
Sakura Mithril Cross Slash
Sakura Mithril Cross Slash By: Erick Lozano
Sporty Jilly By: Maya Lee
The Goblin's Treasure - Timothy Garcia
The Goblin’s Treasure By: Timothy Garcia
T-Shirt Level 10 Goblins and Dragon Monsters By: Natalie Kelly
T-Shirt Crystal Fire Tengu and Oni Oh MY - Marisol Puente
T-Shirt Crystal Fire Tengu and Oni Oh MY By: Marisol Puente
T-Shirt Jilly the Monster Slayer By: Loren Cisneros
T-Shirt Sakura - Nik Reininger
T-Shirt Sakura By: Nik Reininger
T-Shirt Spooky Scary Goblin Girl By: Hayley Nelson