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THOMAS McKEE @ Delta H Con 2021

Thomas McKee is an actor living in Dallas with a passion for theater and voice acting. His roles include The Zombies in One Piece, The Royal Guards in The Royal Tutor, Elvis the Alien in Chaos Kernal, Officer GII in Night Watch, and roles in several other series such as Riot! The Video Game and Knights VS Pirates VS Vikings 2. He has lent his voice to the audio book Canvas Skies: The Wings of Freedom and he loves to share his acting knowledge through panels and workshops. His talents extend into his own theater company and he is always happy to help new talent!
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Twitter: @TomsvoiceVa
Twitch: tomodst

Delta H Con 2021 Panels and Autographs


Too Many Voices In My Head – Tom McKee

Tom McKee 1 Hour Free Autograph Signings


Ask the VA’s

Tom McKee 1 Hour Free Autograph Signings

Acting and Being in Character – Tom McKee


Karaoke Contest with Tom and DJ Baeritoki

Tom McKee 1 Hour Free Autograph Signings

How Guests Work at Delta H Con

ADDISYN MADD @Delta H Con 2018

Addisyn Madd

is a one man army and social wrecking crew tearing his way through the Southwest armed with only songs. A man made of rumor & myth, his plague of information has only been spread by word of mouth. There been sightings of Madd across Texas, Oklahoma, San Diego & Kansas. Fighting along side of such sonic soliders as Professor Elemental, Marquis Of Vuadeville, Darwin Prophet, Unwoman and Abney Park! Join Reverend Madd as he jumps through the PresentFuturePast, polarizing moments of truth, fear, courage, love and humanization of the soul.

THOMAS MCKEE Voice Artist @Delta H Con 2018

Thomas Mckee Image
Thomas Mckee

Thomas Mckee

is a voice actor living in Dallas, TX. He has been acting his whole life on the stage and behind the microphone. Thomas has been cast in shows like One Piece as Zombies, Royal guards in The Royal Tutor, Elvis the alien in Chaos Kernal. He has also been featured in video games such as Knight healer in Pirates vs knights vs Vikings 2, Officer Gil in Night Warnings, and The Henchman in RIOT!. Thomas is really excited to meet everyone!