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TOM WYNER @ Delta H Con 2018

Tom Wyner

was raised in Hollywood CA, was in my first film at the age of 10, then the lead in another (3rd prize at Venice International Film Festival) at 14. Moved to Santa Cruz CA in 1965 to
become a member of the first freshman class at UC Santa Cruz, graduating with a BA in Psych (they didn’t have a theater arts dept. back then). Went back to LA for a year, appeared in
dramatic TV and soaps. Moved to Berkeley CA in 1972 and performed with the Berkeley Shakespeare Festival (2 seasons), Berkeley Stage Co., and 3 years touring the U.S. with the
New Shakespeare Co. of San Francisco. Moved to Ashland OR in 1979 to perform with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for two seasons and two California state-wide tours. Moved to
San Jose CA for the opening season of San Jose Rep.in 1981, then back to Hollywood for a 25 year career as a voice actor, writer, casting director, ADR (dialogue) Director, and
Producer. (For most of this work I’m listed on IMDB and Wikipedia as Tom Wyner.) Moved back to Oregon late in 2005 and began a new career as an audio book narrator ( more than 250
audio books; listed as Tom Weiner on audible.com). Moved back to Santa Cruz early in 2016.
I love animals–at one time had a 15 foot albino python, a 5 foot green iguana, an 18 in. bearded dragon lizard, 2 cats and a lab.
The most fun, educational and interesting years of my life were those I spent touring the U.S., which is probably why I enjoy attending conventions so much. I love meeting fans and
people from different places and cultures.
I’ve fallen in love-at-first-sight twice in my life, and would love to do so again.

Lolita and J-Fashion Showcase – Model Search for Delta H Con 2018

Our J-Fashion track comes complete with a Fashion Show. But what’s a Fashion Show without models?

Our show this year is multifaceted – we’re looking for both individuals to model our brand designers’ outfits and individuals to showcase their personal collections! Please sign up to model in our fashion show!
Personal Showcase: A lolita/ouji/aristocrat coordinate from your wardrobe that you would like to showcase at Delta H Con.

The deadline to submit an application is July 1st, by 11:59pm CST. Models will be chosen and contacted by the 6th.

If you have any questions, please send them to: info(at)deltahcon(dot)com. or via Facebook Ojy Bailey or Monica Tan

Delta H Con J-Fashion Showcase Information and Sign ups here

BUTTCAPE @ Delta H Con 2018


also known as Stephano, is a native Houstonian and veteran member of the EGL community. Best known for her self-titled blog started in 2013, Buttcape shares insight on Japanese street fashion focusing on ouji and gothic lolita styles. In 2015, she co-organized Palace of Princes: Nightfall. Buttcape has been contributing to the lolita community for 10 years by mentoring beginners, organizing and photographing events, and archiving at Lolibrary. In 2018, she is branching into cosplay photography and Houston food blogging.
Follow Buttcape on social media
Blog: http://buttcape.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/buttcape
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buttcape/
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