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Ureshii Kokoro Maid Café

is proud to join Delta H Con to celebrate their 15th anniversary! We have live performances that you can enjoy with your friends and families. We will be waiting for you to come home to the Westchase ballroom. See you guys soon at Ureshii Kokoro Maid café!

Ureshii Kokoro is an interactive family friendly Delta H Con Attraction. Tucked away in the Westchase ballroom a place to come to and relax from all of your daily convention adventures. Ureshii Kokoro is your weekend home away from home with your very own dedicated team of maids and hosts eagerly awaiting your arrival! Packed with fun games, food, and of course special performances by your very own maids and hosts, Ureshii Kokoro provides a new experience for each and every guest. So come visit us!

Ureshii Kokoro is the kind of maid cafe that will cheer you up by the lively atmosphere created by the maids and hosts. You will see the maids in cute pink dresses with the smile always with them.

**You must be a badge holding Delta H Con Attendee to participate! This is an open event from 11 am till 7pm. Followed by special Pay-at-the-door Sessions. All Specials tickets can be bought online, at Registration or at the Ureshii Kokoro Maid Cafe door. *** Japanese snack food and drinks are sold separately during the open time slot.

Ticket Sales:
Special Admission Sessions (Good for 1 show): Tickets on-sale now $15 Times Coming Soon!
**Each Special show runs approx. 1.5 hr. Tickets guarantee you entry into the Maid Cafe Special Session, unlimited game play during the showtime, performances, at table service and interaction with Maids and Hosts.**


Heroes Special – Maid Cafe Special Session

Join the maids of Kira Kira in this Friday Heroes celebration.

Villain Session – Maid Café Special Session

Join the maids of Kira Kira in this Saturday Villains celebration.

Tips on how to enjoy Maid Cafés at Delta H Con
Handle the over-cuteness in Maid Cafés

The maids will all be very cheerful and will all act cute, from the appearance of the food and drinks. It is like entering the world covered in cuteness.
Join the fun!

Another common trait in most maid cafes is using hand gestures and a chant whenever your food or drink is served. So you should prepare yourself for the experience, participate with the maids, and don’t be shy!

***Follow the rules!***

Don’t forget to get a souvenir picture with the maid that served you. You can take pictures of foods and drinks but can not take pictures of the maids using your phone, also, touching the maids is not allowed.

Are you looking for a way to spice up your convention experience?
Do you Dance? Sing? Posses a unique special talent?
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