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Alyson Rosenfeld DHC2022 Guest Announcement


We are happy to announce that Voice Actor AlysonRosenfeld will be appearing at #DeltaHCon August 19th through the 21st at MarriottHoustonWestchase .

Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld is a voice actor best known for her roles as Bonnie, Nurse Joy & Sophocles on Pokémon, Aina Ardebit in Promare; Strawberry Shortcake on Strawberry Shortcake; Polly Pocket on Polly Pocket; Olivia on Nella the Princess Knight; Rio Kastle, Queen, Grace & Gloria Tyler on Yu-Gi-Oh!; Siri on LastMan;  LunaMaria Hawke in Gundam Seed Destiny; Kahori Harukawa in Psychic School Wars; Isaki in Lu Over the Wall; Sayaka Yumi in Mazinger Z: Infinity; Hansel in Secret Magic Control Agency; Joy LeFrog on Regal Academy; Musa in Winx Club; and Fraw Bow in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. She has provided voices for numerous cartoons, video games, toys and commercials. She can also be seen performing theatre in New York City (most recently in the critically-acclaimed Once Upon A Mattress), and on-screen in her web series Crumbly Kitchen (crumblykitchen.com).
Follower her
Website: alysonleighrosenfeld.com
Twitter: @AlysonRosenfeld
Instagram: @alysonleighrosenfeld
TikTok: @alysonleighrosenfeld

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Thomas McKee DHC2022 Guest Announcement

Thomas McKee @ Delta H Con 2022

We are happy to announce that Voice Actor @tom.mckee.va will be appearing at #DeltaHCon August 19th through the 21st at MarriottHoustonWestchase .

Thomas McKee is an actor living in Dallas with a passion for theater and voice acting. His roles include The Zombies in One Piece, The Royal Guards in The Royal Tutor, Elvis the Alien in Chaos Kernal, Officer GII in Night Watch, and Read More

TIA & KOHEI @ Delta H Con 2018

Tia Image


is a Recording Artist in Japan. She did the ending theme for the famous anime NARUTO, Yakitatte Japan, Famous Japanese Music Show Hey Hey Hey and other TV shows.
TiA won gold disc in Japan.
TiA also won McDonald’s Gospelfest 2016 which is the biggest gospel festival.

Kohei Image


is a singer and have performed at world famous Apollo theatre 8 times and won three times and got first place in 2014.
Kohei is a finalist in McDonald’s Gospelfest 2016, 2017, 2018. Featured on Fox TV Steve Harvey Show and featured on M-On TV with Japanese recording artist The Rampage from Exile Tribe.

These two amazing artists have performed for IFA United Nation and were commanded as International Ambassador singer by the United Nation.
We are excited to welcome them to Delta H Con.

Tia & Kohei Panel/Autograph Listing

Kristen McGuire

GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Kristen McGuire Comic Artist, Author, and Voice Actress

Kristen McGuire Image
Kristen McGuire

Kristen McGuire

is an award winning artist and voice actress with an itchy drawing hand and an overactive imagination. Armed with a Wacom tablet and a degree in Visual Art and Communication, Kristen has managed to self-publish seven different comic books since 2008 and has won two awards for her original paintings, some of which have sold for over five hundred dollars while on display at local art shows. Her art which heavily features original characters and designs has even inspired professional cosplayers in the industry that have competed in cosplay competitions utilizing Kristen’s designs.

Her comic titles include Enchanted (chapters 1-6), andA Day in the Life of a Cat Girl.

In 2013 Kristen jumped into the role of voice actress and she started working for FUNimation providing voice overs for anime. You can hear her as Chiyo Kurihara inPrison School, Hinano Kurahashi in Assassination Classroom, Vera in Maria the Virgin Witch, Yuriko in Mikagura School Suite, Beach Chevro in Sky Wizards Academy, Touma in Noragami Aragoto and she also has provided additional voices in several other anime titles.

Currently she is working as a script writer for FUNimation as well as a coloring assistant for Sonny Strait on the popular Dark Horse comic, Elf Quest. She can be seen around the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex teaching teenagers how to draw manga and anime at various libraries.

Follow her online at
Facebook @kriscomics
Twitter @kriscomics
Website kriscomics.com

Chris Patton

GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet Chris Patton (Run from Akame ga Kill!, Turles, Taipon, and Orlen from the DBZ series and many others)

Chris Patton Image
Chris Patton

Chris Patton

has been voice acting for seventeen years, including over 220 Anime titles for FUNimation, ADV, Sentai Filmworks, and Okratron 5000, including Black Bullet (Rentaro), Akame Ga Kill (Run), Hamatora (Moral), Soul Eater (Asura), Full Metal Panic (Sousuke), Fullmetal Alchemist (Greed), Ghost Stories (Hajime),The World God Only Knows (Keima), Kids on the Slope (Kaoru), Welcome to the NHK (Sato), Guyver (Sho, Guver), Nerima Daikon Brothers (Ichiro), Princess Tutu (Fakir), and Pokemon XY (Sanpei).

Chris has also voiced over 120 audiobooks, (including the award-winning Yesterday’s Gone and The Dorito Effect) a ton of commercials, a handful of video games, corporate narration… and all those other things Voice Actors do! Also a life-long theatre nerd, Chris recently appeared as Leon Czolgosz in Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins, and directed the regional/Houston premiere of Green Day’s rock musical American Idiot.

Follow Chris on
Twitter @chrisdpatton