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Sugary Symbiote @ Delta H Con 2019

Delta H Con is proud to announce Sugary Symbiote as our first J-fashion designer of 2019. Sugary Symbiote is influenced by American comics, Manga, Horror movies, Harajuku Fashion, macabre cuteness, glitter, unicorns, Lolita Fashion, pastels, blood, aliens, monsters, grizzly bears, shooting stars, cosmic galaxies, and Fairy-kei fashion. Please help us welcome Sugary Symbiote to Delta H Con 2019!

Check out their links below to preview their amazing fashion!

Lillith Gray @DeltaHCon

Lillith Gray
Lillith Gray

Lillith Gray, also known as misslillith on Tumblr, is a lolita fashion blogger, YouTube personality, and fashion design student at a local Houston college. She has been an active part of the Japanese fashion community since 2011. Lillith is most known for being a “daily” lolita through her outfit posts on Tumblr, and her YouTube videos, which aim to spread the word about lolita fashion.

Ashe Malkamäki @DeltaHCon

Ashe Malkamäki
Ashe Malkamäki
Lolita Ambassador

Ashe Malkamäki is a Finnish-American Lolita and cosplayer currently living in the general Houston area.
Ashe has been into Lolita for over three years and has been into Japanese culture for seven years. Ashe
is currently managing all Lolita oriented events and is also the host of the Fashion Show as well as the
Tea Party. Ashe hopes you have an awesome time at the convention!