SuWan & Domjiji @DeltaHCon

Twin cosplayers SuWan and Domjiji of Su & Dom Cosplay have grown from local Texas cosplayers, to working with some big name videogame industries and even having modeled for comics. SuWan’s fun and creativity for costumes and passion for videogames has propelled her to appear on TV and a minor appearance in a videogame for Naughty Dog. She and Domjiji are also known to appear for various videogame events and conferences in California for Capcom. Having cosplayed since 2007, SuWan has won various awards from both local and California conventions ranging from judges awards to Best in Show. And even a spot in Konami’s top 20 Metal Gear Solid art contest with her MGS: PeaceWalker Amanda cosplay amongst securing recognition in other industry related contests.Fellow twin in the Su&Dom duo, Domjiji’s career all began with Card Captors one October day, and since then, has been dedicated to cosplay. After that striking faithful event, and much scraping for change to attend her first convention, that feeling of awe and happiness that people get smiling and excited to see your portrayal and efforts had stuck ever since. Except now it’s not just focused on Japanese animation; it extends from videogames to other various fandoms.Having the experience of modeling fashion, Domjiji has a keen eye for detail and often memorable taste in her fabrics as she makes her visions a reality.Domjiji’s hard work has thusly been further recognized by companies like UbiSoft for her James Kidd cosplay and is active in the assassin’s creed community.SuWan and Domjiji both often attend local events to meet and greet fellow cosplayers and give advice as well offer warm smiles and encouragement to everyone to follow their creativity.You can follow SuWan and Domjiji’s shenanigans in the following links and tags.

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