GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Matt Greenfield Voice Actor, Director, Script Writer

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Matt Greenfield

Matt GreenField:

With 1000+ film and TV credits, Matt Greenfield has been writing, directing and producing animated and live-action programming for many years. His work has been distributed internationally by the likes of ADV Films, Anime Network, FUNimation, Happy Carrot, Madman Entertainment, Maiden Japan, Media Blasters, Sentai Filmworks, Section 23, SoftCel Pictures, Switchblade Pictures and Syren. Matt‘s formative years absorbing cartoons, sci-fi novels and horror movies were the perfect education for his career.
A few career highlights: Evangelion, Battle Angel, Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, Destroy All Monsters, BGC: Tokyo 2040, Excel Saga, Gantz, Godannar, Golden Boy, Macross, Nadesico, Noir, Spriggan,
Princess Nine and Rahxephon.
Greenfield also handled distribution for mega-titles such as Andromeda & Earth Final Conflict, Beastmaster, Megaman, Mutant X, Robotech, Sailor Moon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter 2 (UK). Recent projects include Infinite Stratos, Big Bad Mama-san and three classic Godzilla films!